Free Wi-Fi Cafes in San Francisco

March 3rd, 2003

[Also see the cheesebikini map of free Berkeley wi-fi cafes]

Here are a map and a list of San Francisco cafes that offer free wireless Internet access. If you have a laptop or other device with Wi-Fi (wireless Internet) capability, turn it on in one of these places to enjoy a free high-speed connection.

San Francisco Wi-Fi Map - See Key Below

UPDATE 3/2/05: A four-block zone of Chestnut Street in San Francisco’s �ber-gentrified Marina District is now immersed in free wi-fi, courtesy of AnchorFree. The wi-fi zone covers Chestnut between Fillmore and Scott Streets, according to MacWorld. Thanks to Denis Hiller for the tip — and the wi-fi!

Why certain cafes disappeared from the list and map: In late 2003, ZRNet, a company that outfitted many cafes with wi-fi hot-spots, withdrew free wi-fi service from all of these cafes, so I removed ZRNet cafes from the list. These cafes include: Atlas Cafe (ouch!), Cole Valley Cafe, Cafe XO, Tart to Tart, Cafe International, Brainwash Cafe and Laundromat, the Muddy Waters cafes, most of the Royal Grounds cafes, Cafe La Taza, Java on Ocean, Java Beach and Simple Pleasures. – Sean, 11/7/03

2 H Cafe: 380 17th Street, at Sanchez. Jason Harlan reports that now an employee here “forces you to share tables with other laptop users… and he’s rude.” map | site

3 Jumpin’ Java Coffee House & Eats: 139 Noe, at 14th. map

4 Maggie Mudd: OK, it’s an ice cream shop, not a cafe. But I think they serve coffee… I haven’t stepped inside this place; their Web site frightens me. 903 Cortland Ave. at Gates. map | site

5 Maxfield’s House of Caffeine: Dolores at 17th. Matadors fought bulls nearby! Don’t take my word for it, ask about it in the Mission Dolores museum at San Francisco’s oldest church, two doors up on Dolores. Or check out the bullfight pictures here (the sixth and seventh illustrations from the bottom). But I digress… map
6 Morning Due Cafe: 3698 17th Street, at Church Street. Thanks to Rick Ehrlinspiel for the tip. Added 12/31/03. map

7 Caffe Puccini: (NOTE: Wi-Fi connection here is weak.) This cafe doesn’t provide Wi-Fi access, but they’re within range of someone’s open Wi-Fi hub. When sitting at the south side of the cafe — the side closest to Broadway — I can pick up a low- to medium-strength signal. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any power outlets. Not a perfect situation, but this is a cozy cafe that serves great strong coffee to tourists and classic North Beach characters. 411 Columbus Ave, between Green and Vallejo. map

8 Rockin’ Java: 1821 Haight Street between Shrader and Stanyan, just East of Golden Gate Park. map

9 Martha & Bros. Coffee on Church: (NOTE: Wi-Fi connection may not be strong.) This cafe doesn’t provide free Wi-Fi access, but they’re within range of someone’s open Wi-Fi hub. (This cafe does provide fee-based Wi-Fi access via Surf and Sip; select the “” signal for free access or select “SurfandSip” for the stronger fee-based signal.) Thanks to Brad Lauster for the tip. And big thanks to Cliff Skolnick for sharing his home access point with the public! 1551 Church Street, at Duncan. map | site

10 Peet’s Coffee on Fillmore: (NOTE: Wi-Fi connection may not be strong.) Dave Holmes-Kinsella reports: “If I sit *outside* at Peet’s on Sacramento & Fillmore, there’s a varying number of free WiFi A/Ps available.” 2197 Fillmore Street, at Sacramento. map

11 Oakside Cafe: (NOTE: This cafe closes at 3 pm.) Thanks to Brian McCarthy for the tip. 1195 Oak Street, at Broderick. map

12 Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe: (NOTE: Free Wi-Fi connection may not be strong.) This cafe doesn’t provide free Wi-Fi access, but they’re within range of someone’s open Wi-Fi hub. It’s a cozy little North Beach cafe in a beautiful setting with good coffee and power outlets in back. (This cafe does provide fee-based Wi-Fi access via Surf and Sip; select the “thiebaud apple network” signal for free access or select “SurfandSip” for the stronger fee-based signal.) 566 Columbus Avenue, at Union, across the street from Washington Square Park. Added 3/28/03. map | site

14 Internet Wired Cafe: In addition to regular WiFi (802.11b), this cafe offers one of the new, faster, 802.11g hotspots. Enjoy the free wi-fi, but brace yourself for the cheesiest policy in town: using a power outlet will cost you $1 per hour. By raising the cost of their coffee by ten cents per cup and cancelling this pathetically stingy rule, they’d make make more money and they’d stop insulting their customers. But hey, it’s a free country; let them keeping diverting business to the more than forty other free wi-fi cafes in town that respect their customers. Thanks to “toor” for the tip. 1392 9th Avenue, at Judah. Added 3/30/03. map | site

15 Oh Java! Cafe: Thanks to Kevin for the tip. 562 Central Avenue, at Grove. Added 4/15/03. map

16 Central Coffee, Tea & Spice: NOTE: The hot-spot here is WEP-encryped; you have to ask at the front counter for the passcode, which the owner changes regularly to “keep people honest.” This doesn’t really make sense, because any dishonest person could easily go to the front counter and copy down today’s passcode. But anyway, ask for the code and type it into your Wi-Fi card settings. This is kind of a hassle, but the coffee and the music were good when I visited the place. Thanks to Kevin for the tip. 1696 Hayes St. at Central Ave. Added 4/15/03. map

17 Crepe Soleil: Thanks to Stew for the tip. Polk Street near Pine. Added 4/15/03. map

18 Venture Frogs: This is not really a cafe, but cofounder Tony Hsieh says people are welcome to use their free wifi connection, and they serve coffee and tea. 1000 Van Ness, at O’Farrell. Added 4/15/03. map | site

19 Castro Country Club: Thanks to “csmoll” for the tip. 4058 18th Street, at Castro. Added 4/19/03. map | site

20 Caffe Roma: I love this cafe; thanks to Ben Hammersley for the tipping me off to their new wifi service. 526 Columbus, between Green and Union. Added 4/19/03. map | site

21 Golden Gate Perk: Thanks to Chris Bucoy Brown for the tip. Bush at Kearny. Added 4/19/03. map | site

24 Nani’s Cafe: Thanks to Eric L. and Natty for the tips. 2739 Geary Boulevard, between Masonic and Wood. Added 4/26/03. map | site

25 Sacred Grounds: Thanks to Cameron for the tip. 2095 Hayes Street, at Cole. Added 4/26/03. map | site

27 The Canvas Cafe/Gallery: Thanks to Adrian Elliot for the tip. 1200 9th Avenue at Lincoln Way, just south of Golden Gate Park. Added 4/26/03. map

28 Dulcinea Cafe and Catering: This cafe doesn’t provide its own hotspot, but from there you can supposedly reach the hotspot next door at DNA Lounge. Thanks to DNA’s Jamie Zawinski for the tip — and for the bandwidth. 371 11th Street, between Harrison and Folsom. Added 4/26/03. map | site

30 Cup a Joe: It’s “a great cafe with good light, couches upstairs, lots of plugs, and the best banana bread around,” according to Corii Liau. Thanks for the tip, Corii. 1901 Hayes Street, at Ashbury. Added 5/24/03. map

33 Pearls International Beverages: Galen reports that Pearls offers free 802.11a and 802.11b Wi-Fi access. 329 West Portal Avenue, between 14th and 15th. Added 5/26/03. map

34 JavaCat Cafe: 5549 Geary Blvd, between 19th and 20th. Added 5/26/03. map

35 The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: 2201 Fillmore Street, at Sacramento. Thanks to praxis for the tip. Added 6/14/03. map | site
36 Metro Crepe: 1 Sansome Street, at Market, in the courtyard. Thanks to des for the tip. Added 6/21/03. map

37 Samovar Tea Lounge: 498 Sanchez Street, at 18th Street. At the site of the old Chat Cafe. Thanks to Robert James Sandler for the tip. Added 6/28/03. UPDATE 12/31/03: “Alec” and “Bobby O.” report intermittent wi-fi availability at Samovar; Bobby O. says this cafe turns off its hot spot on weekends and discourages use of neighboring hotspots within Samovar. map | site

41 Skylight Caf�: 1720 Taraval Avenue, at 28th Avenue. Thanks to Victor d’Allant for the tip. Added 8/10/03. map

43 Muddy’s Coffee House: 1304 Valencia Street, at 24th Street. Thanks to Romel for the tip. Added 9/9/03. map
46 Sea Biscuit Coffee Shop : 3815 Noriega Street, at 45th Avenue. Thanks to Vernon Kuhns for the tip. Vernon says the place is “Small, homey, and good sound track.” Added 11/3/03. map
47 Joey’s: 517 O’Farrell Street, at Jones Street. Thanks to John Abbe, who reports that this is “another laundromat/cafe, apparently with 802.11g,” and that they offer “‘Espresso, Ice Cream, Sausage’ (the sausage was okay, but nothing special)’ with outlets available. Added 11/3/03. map

48 Cafe Francisco: 2161 Powell Street, at Francisco Street. Thanks to RacerX, who reports that two, sometimes three, open wi-fi access points from nearby homes are within range of this cafe. RacerX reports: “Coffee and tea are both cheaper than at Caffe Roma, and there is plenty of outside seating in the shade.” Added 11/3/03. map

50 Puccini & Pinetta: 129 Ellis Street, at Cyril Magnin Street. Thanks to John Abbe for the tip. Added 11/3/03. map

51 Westin St. Francis Hotel: 335 Powell Street, at Geary Street. Thanks to John Abbe, who reports: “Access is free, but you fill out a web form every 1/2 hour. There’s an outlet along the wall in the back right of the ground floor. The open snack/drink area there has some comfy seats, and expensive drinks/snacks. The connection is also available from a corridor on the second floor, but not the higher floors…” Added 11/3/03. map

52 Caffe La Piazza: 700 Columbus Avenue at Filbert Street. Thanks to Vernon Kuhns for the tip. Vernon reports that this cafe “is next to an open 802.11b hub. It has available outlets, and, most importantly is under new management (a friend). Say Hi to Charley and Jing if you visit.” Added 11/3/03. map
53 Cole Valley Cafe: 609 Cole Street, at Haight Street. Thanks to Jesse for the tip. Added 12/31/03.
map | site
–>54 Bean Bag Cafe: 601 Divisadero Street, at Hayes Street. Thanks to Rick Ehrlinspiel for the tip. Added 12/31/03. map

55 Bahia Cafe: 1901 Ocean Avenue, at Ashton Avenue. Thanks to Alan for the tip. Added 12/31/03. map

56 Cafe Evolution: 1336 9th Avenue, between Irving and Judah. Thanks to toor for the tip. Added 10/21/04. map | site

57 Cup A Joe: 896 Sutter Street, at Jones Street. Thanks to eamonn for the tip. Added 10/24/04. map

58 Cafe Murano: 1777 Steiner Street, at Sutter. Added 10/24/04. map

59 Cafe Medjool: 2516 Mission Street, at 21st Street. Thanks to Cheu for the tip. Added 10/24/04. map

60 Kaleo Cafe: 1340 Irving Street , at 14th Avenue. Thanks to webdog for the tip. Added 10/24/04. map | site

61 Kona Shores Ice Cream: 1206 Masonic , at Haight Street. Added 10/24/04. map | site

62 Cafe 16: 3170 16th Street, at Valencia. Thanks to Mike for the tip. Added 10/24/04. map

63 JJ Dessert House: 1525 Irving Street, at 15th Avenue. Thanks to Benjamin for the tip. Added 10/24/04. map

64 Sit & Spin: 4023 18th Street, at Noe Street. Thanks to Adam for the tip. Added 10/24/04. map

65 It’s Delectable: 4416 18th Street, at Eureka Street. Simon reports that this cafe doesn’t provide wi-fi service, but it’s within range of an open wi-fi access point named “SMC.” Thanks to Simon for the tip. Added 10/24/04. map

66 Polkan Cafe and Deli: 1754 Polk Street, at Washington. Ask the owner for access and he will provide it with purchase, according to Marissa, the Thanks to Marissa for the tip. “The owner is a russian immigrant and extremely nice (he gives cans to the chinese ladies) but has been struggling due to competition from the many dining establishments nearby,” says Marissa. Please patronize Mr. Polkan’s place! Added 10/24/04. map

67 Coffee Break: 4601 Geary Boulevard, at 9th Avenue. Thanks to Jacob LaBay for the tip. Added 10/24/04. map

68 South Beach Cafe : 800 The Embarcadero, near Townsend. Thanks to Danfuzz for the tip. Added 10/24/04. map

69 Notes from the Underground Cafe: 2399 Van Ness Avenue, at Green Street. Thanks to bill for the tip. Added 10/24/04. map

70 Tully’s: 303 2nd Street, between Harrison and Folsom Streets. Thanks to David Kapp for the tip. Added 10/24/04. map

71 [NO LONGER OFFERS WI-FI] The Reverie Cafe: 848 Cole Street, at Frederick Street. Added 10/24/04. map

72 Royal Grounds: 2060 Fillmore Street, at California. James Hall reports that this cafe doesn’t proide wi-fi service, but it’s within range of several open access points. Thanks to James for the tip. Added 10/24/04. map

73 Cafe de la Presse: 352 Grant Avenue, at Bush Street. [This has been one of my favorite cafes for years. It’s across the street from the French Consulate and it draws many Europeans. It’s definitely the most European-feeling cafe in San Francisco. Will wi-fi alter that? -Sean] Added 10/24/04. map | site

If I missed a cafe, or if one of these cafes closes or begins charging for Wi-Fi use, drop me a line and I’ll update the list: sean[at] (Remember this is a list of free Wi-Fi cafes, so please don’t contact me about cafes that charge a fee for Wi-Fi usage.)

Czech this out: Lloyd Nebres spent a day bouncing from one wi-fi cafe to another across San Francisco, posting photos and dispatches along the way to create a little travelogue.

The folks at Beast Blog are putting together a list of free wi-fi locations in the East Bay.

Here’s another list of free Wi-Fi hot spots throughout the Bay Area and the world:

And here’s a list of open wireless nodes that Bay Area people have set up, mostly in their homes.

Join the free networks movement! Details:, and the Bay Area Wireless Users’ Group.

345 Responses to “Free Wi-Fi Cafes in San Francisco”

  1. comment number 1 by: John Furrier

    There are great free cafes all around the the pennisula. In Palo Alto my favorite is the “Palo Alto Cafe on Middlefield between Oregon x-way and Colorado.

  2. comment number 2 by: Brad Lauster

    Hi Sean – You can get a wireless signal from while inside Martha & Bro’s Coffee at 1551 Church Street (corner of Church and Duncan, near 27th St).

  3. comment number 3 by: brian mccarthy

    Just to let you know. Morning Due Cafe on Broderick and Oak offers great quality WiFi access.

  4. comment number 4 by: sean

    Brian: Actually that’s Oakside Cafe, not Morning Due, but thanks for the tip! I verified it and added it to the map.

  5. comment number 5 by: Mark

    Another great free WiFI cafe is “Notes from the underground” at 2399 Van Ness (corner to Green)

  6. comment number 6 by: toor

    This new cafe and cell phone services dealer on 9th Ave. a few doors N. of Judah ( and across from the Craig’s List offices ) currenty offers free terminal and Wireless-G/B access if you purchase from their menu.


  7. comment number 7 by: adam

    There is a typo – Internet Wired Cafe is at 9th and Judah, not 9th and Green.

  8. comment number 8 by: Todd

    Royal Ground has a sign that says they have free wireless for a limited time, I didn’t try it yet.
    location Clement & 25th.

  9. comment number 9 by: kevin

    There’s a couple of free hotspots here in the Western Addition. There’s one here on the corner at the Oh Java! Cafe and another just around the corder from that at Central Coffee. They’re both on Central Street at Grove and Hayes respectively.

  10. comment number 10 by: Stew

    There is a nice free wifi at Crepe Soleil, there is like three people here right now so the badwidth is literally untapped there at polk near pine street

  11. comment number 11 by: Cory Moll

    Castro Country Club also has free wireless. They’re on 18th in the Castro. Great alternative to expensive Starbucks a few doors up.. and their paid wireless service. :-)

    I’m usually in the back on my PowerBook whenever I’m in SF.. great for hooking up with friends and going out to party!

  12. comment number 12 by: Ben Hammersley

    Caffe Roma, 526 Columbus at Union 94133 has free wifi, and very nice coffee – I’m posting this from there too…

  13. comment number 13 by: Chris Bucoy Brown

    This has been my little secret, but if you’re in Fin. District/Union Square Golden Gate Perk on Bush at Kearny has free WiFi with purchase, but in a pinch, you can hop on one of their PCs for $1 every 10 mins. (ouch) I didn’t want to talk about it, but I want the owner to do well.

  14. comment number 14 by: Mad Dog

    I haven’t been there to check it out, so I can’t verify this, but according to their website ( Cafe XO on the corner of Church and 30th has Free Wireless.

  15. comment number 15 by: eric l

    there’s free wifi @ atlas cafe in portero valley. 20th st and florida

  16. comment number 16 by: eric l

    oh and i forgot. nani’s cafe just opened on geary just west of masonic. they also offer free wifi.

  17. comment number 17 by: kelly

    This site is awesome. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  18. comment number 18 by: cameron

    There is also a great place called Sacred Grounds on Hayes Street…near Stanyan Street. RIght around the block from the Universtiy of San Francisco.

  19. comment number 19 by: Cory Doctorow

    Espresso Bravo on the E. side of Valencia between Sycamore and 18th Sts has free WiFi, SSID “linksys”.

  20. comment number 20 by: Adrian Elliot

    The Canvas Gallery/Coffe Shop/Restaurant/Club has completely free Wi-Fi access. It’s on the eastern corner of 9th Ave & Lincoln Way in the Inner Sunset, right across from Golden Gate Park.

  21. comment number 21 by: xytek

    Well i’m sitting in the parking lot of the crawford suites hotspot(in Fremont) . Seems they have two (maybe more) here.. the “default” is free, where in the lobby you get the “hotspotzz” connection which ISN’T. Gues it’s time to get that AC/DC invertor for the car. :)

  22. comment number 22 by: jwz

    My nightclub, DNA Lounge at 11th and Harrison has free 802.11b access. The club might not qualify as a cafe per se, however, the DNA network is also visible from next door in the Dulcinea Cafe.

  23. comment number 23 by: Anthony Baker

    Happy to hear that The Canvas Cafe finally got wi-fi going. It’s a brilliant place to hang out, definitely one of the best in the City. And Central Coffee Tea and Spice is my local hangout — excellent bandwidth, great people, and the best coffee and chai I’ve ever had.

  24. comment number 24 by: Patrick Graham

    Chat Cafe is officially closed.

  25. comment number 25 by: Patrick Graham

    And actually Morning Due (which is at Church and 17th Street) *does* have free wi-fi.

  26. comment number 26 by: Naomi Szoke

    morning due, at church and 17th, has wireless but it’s not free – it’s part of the Surf n’ Sip network…

  27. comment number 27 by: Patrick Graham

    Naomi (and Sean) is/are right – Surf n’ Sip. Brain hiccupped.

  28. comment number 28 by: Tim

    Zocalo Coffeehouse, out of the normal route of you San Franciscans, has free wireless available. You’ll need a bigger map to show it though! Corner of 645 Bancroft Ave., at Dutton, in San Leandro.

  29. comment number 29 by: John

    does anyone know what the SSID is for Momi Toby’s on Laguna and Fell?

  30. comment number 30 by: Chris Bucoy Brown

    I’m using the WiFi at Royal Ground on Fillmore at California right now, and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be paying–but I’m not. Is this part of the “free for a limited time” setup? Hopefully they won’t start charging. With so many cafes in the immediate vicinity, it makes my decision to come here a little easier.

  31. comment number 31 by: Peter O'Keefe (Nani's)


    This is Peter O’Keefe, owner of Nani’s Coffee. Thanks for posting us. We are located at 2739 Geary Blvd, between Masonic and Wood.

    Thanks Again.

  32. comment number 32 by: Steve

    If in Oakland check out Rooz Cafe, 4252 Piedmont Ave. They have free wi fi. Great music too!! Check out their website http//

  33. comment number 33 by: WS

    Metro Cafe on the corners of Sutter and Sansome has free access. SSID is “linksys”. I don’t believe this is publicized.

  34. comment number 34 by: john

    could you guys post info regarding SSIDs at these cafes? it would be most helpful, thanks!!

  35. comment number 35 by: Ted

    Chat Cafe is under transformation to become a teahouse called Samovar. The nice Dutch guy who runs it assures me that they’ll continue free wireless. No plans for hashish, though.

  36. comment number 36 by: Henry Ptasinski

    Any idea who’s providing the wireless access at Espresso Bravo? The people working there don’t know anything about it. Is the wireless access intentional or just accidental?

  37. comment number 37 by: helen

    tart 2 tart on irving/7th st offers free wireless access, is open late, and they have great desserts!

  38. comment number 38 by: sai

    There are two applications recommend to have: network stumbler for pc;
    macstubmbler for Mac OSX.
    It shows the essential information of access point – ssid, mac address, channel umber, max signail, managed/unmanaged, vendor of router, wep etc…

    Happy surfing

  39. comment number 39 by: Skull Usher

    There is no need to post SSIDs: run dstumbler/netstumbler
    and it will tell you the SSIDs.

    I believe that the ATLAS CAFE offers free wireless through
    ZRnet (like Cole Valley Cafe in the Haight).

    The Atlas Cafe is also one of your hipper cafes-
    probably because it’s so hard to find.


  40. comment number 40 by: Galen

    Pearls International Beverages on West Portal between 14th and 15th has free A and B access.

  41. comment number 41 by: naser

    notes from underground cafe
    2399 van ness ave.@green street
    san francisco,ca 94109
    free wireless and free wires for laptops,great and fast access,huge menu and they have good knowledge of getting your laptop to work if there is a problem,check it out.

  42. comment number 42 by: sean

    Notes from the Underground is already on the list, #13.

  43. comment number 43 by: Corii Liau

    Cup a Joe on corner of Hayes and Ashbury is a great cafe with good light, couches upstairs, lots of plugs, and the best banana bread around.

    Cafe International at corner of Fillmore and Haight offers free wireless dsl for a limited time through zrnetservice. Robert and Zara run this very friendly cafe with a patio (backdrop is a colorful mural with all the national geographic figures you’re familiar with) and the best food and soup and coffee in the lower haight.

  44. comment number 44 by: Shannon

    Great list!

    In SOMA, Brainwash cafe/laundromat also gets someone’s signal pretty well (it comes up as “Music” in my AirPort menu, though there are other services that are not publicly accessible) I was there for about three hours and only lost the signal for about five minues. Folsom St. between 7th & 8th Sts.


  45. comment number 45 by: Eric L

    thanks for the tip on cup a joe, corii. that place is great on warm days with all the windows open. but it’s oh so temptingly close to braindrops. if i keep going there, my earplugs will be huge. i just cant resist when i walk by

  46. comment number 46 by: Al

    Does anybody have any information about free wifi sites in the East Bay?

  47. comment number 47 by: Eric Brooks

    JavaCat Coffee (Geary at 20th, southeast corner)

    This is not an internet cafe, but from the front window one can catch at least one strong signal from a couple of wireless lans somewhere near the coffee shop. Neither uses encryption. JavaCat also has at least one electrical outlet in said front window. (This outlet by the way has a strange note on it about the expense of electricity and that the proprietor would like people to limit time using the outlet to one hour, so make sure your battery is well stoked if you plan on a long stay. Maybe someone should let the owner know that laptops use about as much electricity as a lightbulb… :) At any rate, it’s a cool cafe that also serves food. I am sending this email from there.

    Eric Brooks

  48. comment number 48 by: Kristina

    I’m so glad I found your free WiFi Cafe list…. But I’m lost in the land of LAN and I don’t know where to start, outside of installing an 802.11b card in my Mac.

    I’m on OSX and use Internet Connect to set up accounts. At home, my DSL account connects with a user name and password. How do I connect away from home… the same way? What if I close the DSL account? What’s the best way?

    Please help!!! Thanks!


  49. comment number 49 by: sean

    Colin wrote:

    Hi Kristina,
    Setting up Wi-Fi on Mac OS is fairly easy to do.
    I assume you already have your Airport installed.
    Go to your Network Preferences and make sure there is a check next to Airport.
    Secondly, Drag the Airport to the top of the list (Airport,Ethernet,Modem
    etc…)When promped to save this configuration – say `yes`.
    Also, There is an option in the Network Preferences to show the Airport icon in
    the top menu bar. By doing so you can simply go to one of the free WiFi cafes
    listed at and click on the icon to see which WiFi base
    stations are within range. Choose a location and like magic you should be
    wirelessly connected! You may have to enter a login and password (available at
    the cafe)if the network is closed, otherwise you should be up and running!
    I´ve also found a free program called Macstumbler helpful for finding WiFi
    networks in range. You can download it from

    Good luck and happy WiFi surfing!

  50. comment number 50 by: Drew

    Was able to find an unsecure connection at Cybelle’s (Church/24th). Probably just someone’s home network but it’s fast and free.

    Keep spreading the word……….d

  51. comment number 51 by: kenji

    maybe at starbucks at masonic and fulton but definately OUTSIDE at masonic and fulton AND lyon and fulton – i picked up a strong signal

  52. comment number 52 by: praxis

    Check out The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on Fillmore and California. Solid strong connection. I don’t know if it’s from the cafÈ or not, but it’s open. Try a vanilla latÈ whilst surfing.

  53. comment number 53 by: Geordie

    HCafe on 17th@Sanchez is a great friendly cafe.
    They have free wi-fi with your laptop which is a great, but their coffee and sandwiches are really good too.
    Use their house PCs for 20 minutes with your purchase.

  54. comment number 54 by: sean


    Thanks, but H Cafe is already mapped. It’s #2 on the map.

  55. comment number 55 by: des

    Another Downtown spot: Metro Crepe in the courtyard at 1 Sansome (Citicorp center)

  56. comment number 56 by: Jason

    33. Pearls International Beverages
    Um, I think the map of this location is wrong.

  57. comment number 57 by: pete

    I was at Brainwash on Folsom and they do have Wireless access through zrnetservice….thoughs guys are everywhere in San Francisco…check out there webpage…

  58. comment number 58 by: Wilson Hardcastle

    I was just in the Muddy Waters cafÈ on Church (just south of Market, on the west side of the street–near Sparky’s– I guess between Market and 15th?) and was told they don’t charge for wireless internet access.

    After choosing the local network, the browser will bouce you to the “DSL Internet” login page. Just leave the ID and password blank and click “login” and you can surf freely.

    They do charge for using the desktop machines in the back.

    I don’t know if they are consciously making it free for wireless users or not. This was just pointed out to me by another patron.

    Thanks for this list!


  59. comment number 59 by: gary

    Royal Ground also has that “free” zrnet access.
    Located at 17th and Geary.

  60. comment number 60 by: hede

    On the topic of wi-fi cafes near UC Berkeley, there’s definitely Berkeley Expresso at Hearst and Shattuck. Fertile Grounds at Shattuck and Delaware advertises free wireless too, but I haven’t tried that.

  61. comment number 61 by: Tim

    royal ground / clement @ 25th ave has free wifi

  62. comment number 62 by: DonP

    Hey guys,

    I am currently unemployed. I need to study using my laptop and the web. I live in the Richmond district. I want to get out of the house. I am planning to buy a DC/DC converter and sit in my car somewhere in San Francisco with good access to free WI-FI. (Should have canceled DSL at home)

    Looking to do this for about 10 hours a day until employment. Is there a good place for this ? I can’t sit 10 hours a day in any coffee shop. They will hate me. Unless I pay 10 bucks minimum for it.

    Please suggest a place. Thanks.

  63. comment number 63 by: DonP

    I am at 6th Ave and Balboa Ave.Javaholics coffee house. The signal is strong outside.

  64. comment number 64 by: Reed

    This is cool. I had no idea this was already so common (haven’t had a good laptop in some time). I’m sure someday I’ll be glad of this map. But what about the question, which was about Wi-Fi near the UC Berkeley campus? What about the East Bay, in other words?

    SF is near Cal like Manhattan is near JFK airport.

  65. comment number 65 by: Eastcoast Bros

    Anson St. alley, between the academy of art college, on bowell, net to the satro grill.

    we found sitting on th curb, in the alley near the dumpster, a free hot spot. . .Fuck t-mobile & starbucks and their pay bull shit. .

  66. comment number 66 by: Fayaz

    does anyone know of any free hot spots in fremont?

  67. comment number 67 by: Cyrus J. Farivar

  68. comment number 68 by: Lloyd Nebres

    Hi there…

    Inspired by your map of free wi-fi access points in SF, I went on a day-long trip, and got to 8 of them: wireless in san francisco: a day’s travel{b}logue.

    I happened on a site you hadn’t indicated or found, the Muddy Waters coffee house on Valencia. See the 11:30 update on my blog.

    Many thanks for putting together such a convenient, useful doc!

  69. comment number 69 by: fran

    Hey Sean,

    Are you the same Sean Savage that attended Evergreen?


  70. comment number 70 by: Donovan Pierce

    New Yorker’s Buffalo Wings in the Mission (Valencia btwn 17 & 18) doesn’t provide Wi-Fi access, but they’re within range of someone’s open Wi-Fi hub. Use “Linksys”. The signal is very strong and there are ample outlets along the northern wall near 3 booths and two tables.

    This place just opened and I don’t know too much about it other than these things: 1) full menu (breakfast, burgers, steak, soup, salad, etc.) + full espresso bar. 2) Pretty empty so it’s easy to get a seat near an outlet. 3) Friendly and helpful employees my first time here. Say hello to Lukas if he’s your counter person 4) the decor is RIDICULOUS! They’re choice of decorations boast:

    Huge, goofy paintings of Sunflowers. A classic oil painting of France next to a very ’80’s style “New York at Night” photograph mounted on a mirror frame. A PAINTING OF THE STATUE OF LIBERTY STANDING BEHIND THE TWIN TOWERS done by what looks to be an aspiring artist from a local high school. A “sports heros” set of framed posters (the kind you get by knocking over milk bottles with a softball at the state fair) by one set of tables. And finally, the worst of the worst: a Clemente Micarelli print, “Putting for Birdie” . If you can get over it’s looks, the place is alright. I hate cafe food and don’t drink coffe + I live in the mission, so it’s pretty delux by my standards.

    Not a huge selection of vegetarian fare and they foul pretty hard with a veggie sandwich dubbed the “Hippie-Vegi”.

  71. comment number 71 by: heipei

    I got a question. Ill be in san fran the next week. I often run netstumbler for fun, just finding networks, but i never logged into one (always was driving past it with laptop bagpacked 😉

    So, netstumbler reveals ssid and such things, but unless the wlan got a dhcp server how should i know which ip subnet to take, which router/dns server? Maybe you can help me. Or do all the listed hotspot got a dhcp running?

  72. comment number 72 by: barce

    There’s a free wifi at the NAS coffee shop on Sansome between Washington and Merchant in San Francisco. This service started at the end of last month.

  73. comment number 73 by: jessie

    Concering Crepe Soleil on Polk…

    I recently went to Crepe Soleil with an iBook, was able to join their wireless network but was unable to get a connection in Safari, ftp, telnet,


    If anyone has any info i’d love to hear it!

  74. comment number 74 by: Romel

    Muddy’s, 1304 Valencia at 24th Street, has free wireless courtesy ZRNetService.

    Bonus: Chairs outside on the sidewalk, although a little noisy from traffic.

  75. comment number 75 by: Des

    Nas Coffee on Sansome between Sacramento and Clay has free wifi

  76. comment number 76 by: rajan

    it seems that all the zrnetservice cafes (i tried muddy on valencia/16 and atlas cafe) were down today, though i’ve used them successfully in the past.

    is it possible that zrnet has stopped offering free wireless as of sept 1st? anybody else have any info?

    (i’m currently using the brainwash “Music” access, which is still up. getting about 50 kb/s — so not super — i was getting nearly 140 kb/s at muddy’s — but hey, not bad).

  77. comment number 77 by: joshua

    want to know, if there are wi-fi cafes in fullerton. can u help?


  78. comment number 78 by: Ryan

    Sad to say, but forget about Muddy Waters #2 (262 Church Street, near 15th Street). They still have free Wi-Fi, but the service is so spotty that it’s almost unusable. I’ve tried it several times over the past few weeks, with the same results. There’s a handful of great spots around here, go to them instead.

  79. comment number 79 by: wuzzies

    Charlie, who owns Corine’s Deli Cafe at 3202 Folsom St @ Precita just installed his free Wi-Fi. Classic sandwich shop with the simple neighborhood feel. You can probably get a connection in Precita Park.

  80. comment number 80 by: Jason Curtis

    I heard that free wireless networks are very unsecure….lose networks that you have to log into are secure…has anyone heard this before…

  81. comment number 81 by: Tony Rydell

    zrnetservice is back up at all Muddys…and at atlas to…FYI everyone

  82. comment number 82 by: mukund

    check out the javaholics on Cabrillo and 9th avenue in the inner richmond. it has a pretty reliable wireless internet connection.

  83. comment number 83 by: Howard Chong

    Just to let you know. Zrnetservice was down in Santa Rosa today. Are they going to phase out the free service? Any one hear any rumors?


  84. comment number 84 by: Vernon Kuhns

    Java Beach at Judah and La Playa, end of the N Judah line and next to the beach, currently has free 802.11b. SSID “Java Beach Online”. Nice coffee shop too. Also has wednesday night comedy and friday night music.

  85. comment number 85 by: John

    Anyone know if the zrnet @ Caffe Soma is free?


  86. comment number 86 by: Donald

    The only free wireless internet in north Bernal Heights is a new Cafe’ Called Charlie’s Cafe’

    (Originally known as Corine’s deli)

    Across from precita park, you can even go and sit at the park and connect.

  87. comment number 87 by: Steve

    Ok, so I’m lame with this wi-fi setup business. I can get onto “authorized” networks just fine, like the one at Cafe Roma, but when I find an “unathorized” network (like the open hub at Cafe Puccini), I can connect to the signal but I can’t get onto the Internet through IE or Outlook. Do I need to readjust my settings, or should I assume that if I can’t get onto a network that it is blocked? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I’m on a PC with a NetGear WG511 card.

  88. comment number 88 by: Ted

    “The only free wireless internet in north Bernal Heights…”

    That’s funny. In other towns I know of they’d be happy to have one within driving distance. We’re so spoiled.

    I second the comment about Java Beach, by the way. It’s my office now.


  89. comment number 89 by: sean

    I’m not sure there’s much difference between North and South Bernal heights… what is it, four blocks from north to south?

    In any case though, there is a free wifi spot on the list in Bernal Heights: #4, Maggie Mudd.

  90. comment number 90 by: matt

    Java cafe next to the ocean at Judah has a free wi-fi

  91. comment number 91 by: Ted

    Pearl’s (#33 on the map above) also has a nice little patio space out back, I just found out. Their 80211 signal covers it just fine.

  92. comment number 92 by: phos4escent

    I’m at Brainwash right now and wanted to report a little on varying signal strength: I’m getting a low signal at the tables right near the windows looking onto Langton St, at the northeast end of the cafe. Further east, at the tables near the wall looking onto Folsom, I got nothing. Other people might also have more luck if they’re near Langton. [Btw, I’m using a Dell Inspiron with an internal Dell TrueMobile wifi card.]

  93. comment number 93 by: John Abbe

    From the Dulcinea Cafe web site:

    “Effective July 18th the restaurant is no longer open to the public. Our catering services will, however, continue.”

  94. comment number 94 by: Huck

    I have free wi-fi at my bar… how do I get it listed?


    3024 Mission @ 26th

  95. comment number 95 by: John Abbe

    There’s also CompUSA on Market at the intersection of O’Farrell & Grant (near 3rd). I’m writing this from Eppler’s Bakery next door, where there is a weak signal.

  96. comment number 96 by: eric l

    blue danube on clement at 4th ave just came under new ownership. they have redecorated, gotten better food and coffee, and have free wifi thru zrnet. hooray

  97. comment number 97 by: Kim

    Thanks for the list! It helps those of us just moved to the area get apartments and jobs (another person mentioned unemployment searching too). A nomad’s saving grace! Just some questions though, when you say a cafe has wireless but it’s weak because they don’t provide it, and you don’t know who does, does that mean some guy, a private person who lives nearby, is having his signal used and he doesn’t even know it? What kind of implications does that have if a user at a cafe uses it to do illegal things? Is the owner or the cafe responsible at all? Another blogger said he just drove around the area picking up signals. That means it’s in a three dimensional sphere for access or what? How big are these spheres and do they interfere with anyone else’s? So if someone does something illegal, could the police figure out whose wireless was used? I’m no expert on the Patriot Act nor on how this stuff all works, just occured to me that if I ever get a base station I’ll make sure there’s no cafe nearby, to limit my liability…

  98. comment number 98 by: John Abbe

    I have recently begun a tour of these wireless spots (and some from the other lists linked here). Not sure how long this will last, but here’s the weblog for it

    Any reason not to move this list to a wiki (PersonalTelco?) and point everyone there so that everyone can edit it, Sean?.

  99. comment number 99 by: Vernon Kuhns

    Sea Biscuit Coffee Shop at 3815 Noriega, about 4 blocks from the beach next door to SF Surf Shop. SSID sfsurf.public. Small, homey, and good sound track.

  100. comment number 100 by: John Abbe

    Joey’s, 517 O’Farrell, another laundromat/cafe, apparently with 802.11g. “Espresso, Ice Cream, Sausage” (the sausage was okay, but nothing special) Outlets available; keep an eye out for the pterosaur.

    Across O’Farrell and Jones is the cheap, delicious Naan n Curry but i couldn’t get a signal there.

  101. comment number 101 by: Anonymous

    MotoJava on 498 6th St at Bryant has free wireless. They’re small but really nice and I want them to get more business, add them!

  102. comment number 102 by: Micky

    Is it true that zrnet is about to start charging for WiFi access?

  103. comment number 103 by: RacerX

    Cafe Francisco (2161 Powell Street) at the corner of Powell & Francisco in North Beach has both Surf&Sip (paid service) and at least two, sometimes three, free residential connections reachable within the cafe. Coffee and tea are both cheaper than at Caffe Roma, and there is plenty of outside seating in the shade. Enjoy!

    Thanks for keeping up the website Sean.


  104. comment number 104 by: Bill Maggs

    you’re missing the venerable Atlas coffee shop on Alabama and 20th. Free and open, strong signal through a local provider. There are about half a dozen open APs around the block as well.

  105. comment number 105 by: sean

    Untrue, Bill… Atlas is # 23 on the list.

  106. comment number 106 by: Vernon Kuhns

    Simple Pleasures has ZRNET services available which are currently free. They are located at 3434 Balboa St. in the Richmond. It is a very nice local coffee shop with a good food menu also.

  107. comment number 107 by: Vernon Kuhns

    Caffe La Piazza, 700 Columbus at Filbert is next to an open 802.11b hub. It has available outlets, and, most importantly is under new management (a friend). Say Hi to Charley and Jing if you visit.

  108. comment number 108 by: John Abbe

    More free wireless, mostly in the Tenderloin & Union Square:

    Puccini & Pinetta, Ellis a block or two from Market (it’s labeled on the sidewalk!) bar & restaurant

    Burma’s House Restaurant, 720 Post, review here

    The north side of Union Square itself (the person who told me suggested it was emanating from Tiffany’s), “default”

    The Westin St. Francis, on the west side of Union Square (335 Powell) — Access is free, but you fill out a web form every 1/2 hour. There’s an outlet along the wall in the back right of the ground floor. The open snack/drink area there has some comfy seats, and expensive drinks/snacks. The connection is also available from a corridor on the second floor, but not the higher floors as the report i read said.

    Snowbell Laundry, 620 O’Farrell (actually Douglas Shield’s open node)

    My wireless life continues here.

  109. comment number 109 by: Ted

    Royal Ground (#39) only had pay access from zdinternet the last time I was there, around Oct. 30, 2003.

  110. comment number 110 by: Logan

    Simple Pleasures (#49) is no longer free wi-fi, $14.95/month

  111. comment number 111 by: Winton

    Confirming that Atlas Cafe is no longer free, and it seems to have devastated the clientel now.

    And the ZRNETSERVICE while not extortionately costly for a monthly pass, is currently SUCKY in the extreme. A day pass is $5 (150 a month!!!), a month pass is $15 at the moment.

  112. comment number 112 by: John Abbe

    At the end of market, in the little park opposite One Market restaurant, is a free signal: “linksys”. These outdoor spots can be even better than a cafe, on a nice day.

    My spelling errors: That should be Pinetti, not Pinetta, and it’s Douglas Held, not Douglas Shield.

  113. comment number 113 by: Thomas


  114. comment number 114 by: cafe interneter

    #43, Muddy’s Coffee House: 1304 Valencia Street, at 24th Street

    wants a wep

    I think they are charging for access, they use a zrnet

  115. comment number 115 by: foo

    Stacey’s Bookstore on Market has free wireless coming from somewhere – probably the TMobile place down the way. If you go to the 2nd floor there’s some seating, but not much. That might suggest that the McDonald’s next door to Stacey’s has it too, though I didn’t check.

  116. comment number 116 by: john

    There is still free WiFi at Java on Ocean. I’m using it now. The service provider is ZRNET. When you first fire up your browser, you are redirected to a login page with only a login button it. Once you click it, you can browse. It does not ask for any authentication.

  117. comment number 117 by: merlin

    Thanks a million for the post. This is great stuff.

    Skylight Cafe’s open wifi is clocking at 1.1 Mbits per second (twice what I get at home, 4 blocks away).

  118. comment number 118 by: Rex

    “Royal Ground Coffee” at 5301 Geary Boulevard(17th Avenue) is not free now.


  119. comment number 119 by: John Abbe

    Oh! Java Caffe, 562 Central at the corner of Grove (one block north of Hayes)

    Very friendly. Beside free wireless, you can print/copy for 25 cents and fax/scan for 50 cents. There’s one outlet draped over the order counter, and another behind the first computer on the right. Some comfy seats.

    At Bean Bag Cafe (601 Divisadero), the guy behind the counter said when their contract with Surf n Sip is over in January and they plan to go free. Resistance is futile!

  120. comment number 120 by: John Abbe

    Haven’t tried these myself yet, but from the Wi-fi Free Spot California list —

    Coffee Break – available 11/15 – 4601 Geary Blvd.

    Black Pearl Tea Zone – 1330 Ocean Avenue – 415-587-6868

  121. comment number 121 by: Desi

    Can anyone explain why some places with ZRNET has free wifi and others charge? Is there some logic to this madness?

  122. comment number 122 by: Anonymous

    Although ZRNET service at Cafe XO (Church & 30th St.) is no longer free, there are 5 other open networks within range, 2 of them with strong enough signals to reach even the back corner. I’m posting this using one of them right now.

  123. comment number 123 by: Fawn

    Although ZRNET service at Cafe XO (Church & 30th St.) is no longer free, there are 5 other open networks within range, 2 of them with strong enough signals to reach even the back corner. I’m posting this using one of them right now.

  124. comment number 124 by: John Abbe

    …also, Metro Crepes has indoor seating — which the free wi-fi reaches.

  125. comment number 125 by: Meg

    There is a cafe called Papa Toby’s (or Papa Toby’s Revolution Cafe) on 22nd and Bartlett in the Mission – I got free wireless access there today…

  126. comment number 126 by: John Abbe

    It is my sad duty to report that for now at least, there is no more wireless at Wild Awakenings.

  127. comment number 127 by: John Abbe

    Just collecting the spots i’ve seen mentioned in comments that have not gotten onto the map:


    N side of Union Square

    end of Market

    Burma’s House, 720 Post

    26 Mix, 3024 Mission (/26th)

    (not counting ones since Sean last update)

    …and wondering what if any reason why. The first three don’t have food/drink, but this page is so much better an interface for finding free wireless in SF than anything else i’ve seen that i’d vote my two cents for including non-food/drink places.

    Minor bit: at Cafe Puccini, there’s an outlet by the bathroom.

  128. comment number 128 by: Charles Petrie

    Muddy’s Coffee House: 1304 Valencia Street, at 24th Street.

    This is no longer for free – it is a ZRNet site

    for fee only. There are stray signals arround

    but not useful.

    The Martha & Bros. “toaster net” signal is

    quite strong and recommended.

    And if you’re on the peninsula in Mountain View,

    be sure to support

    Dana St. Roasting – they’ve been offering

    free 802.11b for almost 5 years now.

  129. comment number 129 by: Alec

    Samovar Tea Lounge: 498 Sanchez Street, at 18th Street.

    Hey- last 3 times I was in Samovar Tea Lounge (no.37 in your list), erthe Wifi did not work.

    Their SSID used to be samovar, but now it does not show up anymore.

  130. comment number 130 by: dave

    Beside the added expense, I regret to inform that the usefulness of ZRNET service for me has deteriorated. I’m finding that my connection drops regularly after about 15 minutes. (this has happened twice at Muddy’s)

  131. comment number 131 by: Charles Petrie

    Flash: XO wireless is free again. The owner didn’t

    like ZRNet charging for wireless. Ask at the counter

    for a free pass.

  132. comment number 132 by: John Abbe

    Free ‘myconnection’ and ‘HaightFillmore’ signals at Cafe International (the old zrnetservice location).

  133. comment number 133 by: Joseph Parrilli

    There is a brand spankin’ new why-fie location on Grant Ave in North Beach (1441 Grant Ave in fact). Phone the New for answers to your questions:956-3350.


  134. comment number 134 by: Joseph Parrilli

    There is a brand spankin’ new why-fie location on Grant Ave in North Beach (1441 Grant Ave in fact). Phone the New for answers to your questions:956-3350.


  135. comment number 135 by: Jesse

    I was just at the Cole Valley Cafe in the Haight, and I can state with certainty that they still offer free Wi-Fi access despite their affiliation with ZR-Net. Saturday November 29th, 2003.

    You should definitely restore them to the list.

  136. comment number 136 by: Rick Ehrlinspiel

    Sean, some Surf and Sip locations are now sponsored by the shop owner and free. Users still have to set up an account for validation (aka, anti-spamming) but there is no charge made to their card. Current locations that are free are Morning Due at 17th and Church and Bean Bag Cafe at 601 Divisadero. We are updating our locator to list the free locations but it isn’t up yet.



  137. comment number 137 by: Logan

    I was at Sea Biscuit Coffee Shop (#46) and their wifi is really sfsurf.public from the next door SF Surf shop. Worked great, nice cafe.

  138. comment number 138 by: Bobby O

    Samovar turns off their wireless on the weekends. Although it may be possible to access an open hotspot that does not belong to Samovar, you may be made to feel very unwelcome:

    Last weekend I went to Samovar with a friend, and started by spending a good $30+ on tea and snacks. After our food was finished, we started to use the non-Samovar hotspot. The proprietor came over and directly asked us to ‘make space for other customers’. (I.e. leave.) The couple next to us appeared to get similar treatment.

  139. comment number 139 by: Tom

    Cole Valley Cafe’s WIFI is still free, seemingly through a configuration error of ZRNet.

    I’ve been using it the past month, and the proprietors don’t seem to care and it’s been quite nice and reliable. Nice music and food, too.

  140. comment number 140 by: steph

    have you ever thought about creating a printable copy of these locations so you can easily carry it with you? :)

  141. comment number 141 by: art

    if enny1 needs an SSID for a place, try typing in default or DEFAULT or any. the majority of the time 1 of these seem to work!

  142. comment number 142 by: webdog

    Excellent burritos at the Mexican place next door to Sea Biscuit Coffee Shop (#46).

  143. comment number 143 by: zyzzyva

    Not a cafe per se, but this evening I got a strong WiFi connection while waiting to get into a movie at the Metreon. This was on the third floor, near the windows overlooking Yerba Buena gardens. When I have some more time, I’ll head back there and try to find out the network’s range.

    SSID is “tsunami”.

  144. comment number 144 by: Dan. S.

    Hi Sean,

    There is a free hotspot inside Java Beach Cafe at the end of Judah but the address is 1396 La Playa. It’s an excellent signal.


  145. comment number 145 by: Mike

    Samovar’s WiFi seems to be having problems. It works with Airport Extreme cards, but doesn’t seem to work with older Apple Airport cards or my Lucent Orinoco Gold (which has, until now, worked with pretty much everything), and they don’t seem that interested in troubleshooting it.

  146. comment number 146 by: olivier

    For some reasons, the Borders in Stonetown galleria offer a free signal… it surprising cause this is t-mobile… but, i don’t know i could connect without any problem with my palm (i have a tungsten c, don’t know if that matters, ‘m kinda new)…

  147. comment number 147 by: alex

    So, Atlas cafe has a ZRNET spot which charges – but if you sit outside in the back (the best part of the cafe, anyway), it’s possible to get a good signal from several neighboring hubs. Definitely a good place to hang out for hours, soak up some sun, and get some work done.

  148. comment number 148 by: Michael N.

    Wow, what fun to roll down Hayes St. in a MUNI bus with the laptop open. Lots of signals; one that lasted long enough to connect to with no password needed was “802hayes6”. I must’ve been near that address at the time…

  149. comment number 149 by: Dan

    The Sea Biscuit signal was down for about 2 or 3 weeks as of last week. I haven’t been there since Jan. 1 or 2 but it was down then. You couldn’t connect.

  150. comment number 150 by: Ed

    First try with wifi, brand new card for my laptop and I just connected to “22nd St. WiFi” at Valencia and 22nd. Is that Papa Toby’s on Bartlett and 22nd?

  151. comment number 151 by: Dan

    I went to Sea Biscuit on Tuesday (Jan. 13) and their WiFi is down. I have been able to connect there n a month.

    I went to SkyLight on Taraval on Monday (Jan. 12) and their WiFi was down. I couldn’t connect. I was connecting to it on Friday.

    I went to Golden Gate Perk on Satruday (Jan. 10) and the connection was very bad. The connection dropped about a dozen times in 2 hours.

  152. comment number 152 by: Mike

    As of right now, there’s a pretty strong connection called “johns_house” that can be seen from Cafe Macondo on 16th.

  153. comment number 153 by: Alf Watt

    Hey, one of the coffee shop managers complained that people hang out all day and don’t buy anything. Remember, more than an hour is too much, and buy stuff you bastards!

  154. comment number 154 by: Alex Gault

    Check out Cafe Neon, a wonderful new cafe at 1801 McAllister St.(corner of Baker) in the Western Addition. It has free wifi, and is large, airy, with floor-to-ceiling windows. Cafe Prague used to occupy the same space.

  155. comment number 155 by: jesse

    Samovar Tea Lounge no longer offers free wifi.

  156. comment number 156 by: Dan

    SkyLight Cafe’s (Taraval between 27 & 28) WiFi is back up.

  157. comment number 157 by: Michael N.

    Strong signal called “hastings” that I picked up from a Muni bus near the UC Law School at McAllister n Hyde.

  158. comment number 158 by: Vincent Voelz

    There’s a coffee house on the corner of 10th Ave. and Geary Blvd. in the Richmond called “Coffee Break” that has free wireless, courtesy of AMD (so says the window sign).

    Coffee Break

    4601 Geary Blvd.

    (Geary @ 10th Ave.)

    San Francisco, CA 94118

    phone: 415.933.6295

    p.s. Thanks for the great list — I use this resource a lot!

  159. comment number 159 by: Beau Giles

    Launderland, a laundromat in the Marina, has just introduced free wifi there. You’ve got to go somewhat towards the back to get a good signal, the frontmost couple of aisles don’t get much signal.

    Fillmore between Lombard and Chestnut.

  160. comment number 160 by: Maria

    I got free internet access at FRJTZ in Hayes Valley. (579 Hayes Street) Someone should check it out to confirm. But it’s a great place to hang out.

  161. comment number 161 by: Elliott

    Cup-a-Joe is not just on Hayes (#30 above), but also downtown on Sutter and Leavenworth. Also with wireless. Joe has never advertised it before, but since you’re mentioning the other one, you might as well include this.

    Oh, and yes, the Palo Alto Cafe on Middlefield is free, and so is Happy Donuts, on El Camino Real at Ventura (one mile south of Page Mill). AC at all the wall tables, sandwiches and some breakfast stuff, and — it’s 24/7! In Palo Alto!! Encroyable.

  162. comment number 162 by: Adam

    Anyone know of a place the serves full breakfast with a side of WiFi?

  163. comment number 163 by: Mike

    Did someone say “Full Breakfast”? Al Fanous, the Moroccan crepery/cafe on 16th between Valencia and Guerrero now has free WiFi. They also serve a full breakfast.

    Also, be nice during busy times and don’t hog the tables. They’re a small local-owned, somewhat struggling business and I’ve been coming here for years (from when it was called Mission Grounds) and wouldn’t want to see it become another clothing boutique.

  164. comment number 164 by: Anonymous

    Pearl’s on West Portal — still has free wireless. Works great / nice place!

  165. comment number 165 by: Selim

    I just moved here Thank You so much for the list. I really need to find some spots that stay open late ( midnight & beyond ) Please Help the night owls.

  166. comment number 166 by: pete

    Just found a new free wireless connection at a new cafe at 1830 Harrison called IMG Cafe. It’s across Harrison from the back corner of the Best Buy.

    Just discovered this site today. Thanks for all the listings, hope this one helps some of you out!

  167. comment number 167 by: Kevin

    Cup O Java at Guererro and 28th has free wifi, great coffee and food and they don’t mind you hanging out. They even have a printer set up!

  168. comment number 168 by: DaKing

    bean bag cafe (surf n’ sip) actually charges $1 to your cc for access

  169. comment number 169 by: webdog

    I have an unpolished map of 14 free wi-fi nodes in the Sunset District. People kept asking me about it, so I put it on a web page. Some of the data was pulled off Sean’s list (thanks Sean!). Hope others find it useful.

  170. comment number 170 by: Ed

    Speaking of wi-fi nodes, I just checked out of the Central YMCA at Golden Gate and Leavenworth in San Francisco and was never out of hotspots in my room on the 7th floor in late February. Beside the Y’s own node, there is a better one called Camilla somewhere in the neighborhood that has an even greater signal strength and is more stable than the Y’s node that is still under construction.

  171. comment number 171 by: enrique

    hi, i just found this site. awesome. is there a site where i can find freewf spots in all of the bay area. south bay to the east bay.

  172. comment number 172 by: sean



  173. comment number 173 by: Terry B

    Well March 2004. Whats a good solution for a wi fi cafe able to support 12 browser/users at once.

    Good tested and price to do above please figure/ state minimum incoming bandwidth and canopy (diameter) size


  174. comment number 174 by: Terry B

    Well March 2004. Whats a good solution for a wi fi cafe able to support 12 browser/users at once.

    Good tested and price to do above please figure/ state minimum incoming bandwidth and canopy (diameter) size


  175. comment number 175 by: Jeff

    Anyone know of any sites in the “South Beach” area? That’s really just a fancy real estate seller’s name for South of Market close to the Embarcadero. Thanks!

  176. comment number 176 by: barce

    Free WiFi Cafe found at 1206 Masonic at Haight Street. It’s called Kona Shores and it sells surf wax, t-shirts, coffee drinks, and ice cream.

  177. comment number 177 by: Jacob LaBay

    There is a free Wi Fi spot at the corner of 10th and Geary at “Coffee Break”.

  178. comment number 178 by: Danfuzz

    South Beach Cafe has free wireless. They’re at the corner of Townsend and Embarcadero. In addition to great coffee, they make excellent thin crust personal-sized pizzas.

  179. comment number 179 by: Ted

    Folks, the owner of Skylight Cafe on Taraval is complaining that (a) the free wireless is not bringing in that much traffic and (b) some of the people it does bring in just sit down and fire up without buying anything. If you’re in the neighborhood, try these guys out. They have a good connection (from Walkwire) and decent coffee. And don’t freeload. Thanks.

  180. comment number 180 by: Mike

    FYI, Al Fanous, formerly Mission Grounds, has changed their name again. They’re now called Cafe 16. They’re still on 16th between Valencia and Guerrero and they still serve a full breakfast. 😉

  181. comment number 181 by: Benjamin

    JJ Dessert House

    1525 Irving St(16th Avenue), San Francisco

    JJ dessert gives free internet access and serves great taste of Hong Kong style dessert.

  182. comment number 182 by: bill

    Posted 3/23/04

    Couple of new free wifi cafes:

    “Notes from the Underground” cafe on Van Ness at Green (sorry, don’ty know street number.


    Cinch Saloon, 1731 Polk Street (x washington and clay)

    This is a gay saloon- people in there are nice. Also, you can pick up the signal from surrounding coffee shops.

  183. comment number 183 by: yon

    I was getting multiple signals from the corner of Fillmore and O’Farrell – even from inside my apartment. I am still able to connect but cannot receive any data…can someone help me with this? The signals are usually “good” to “very good” and I am obviously connecting…I just cannot receive any data. I have a US Robotics wireless card. I appreciate any help that you can offer me! Thank you!

  184. comment number 184 by: David Landel

    Umm… i live near neither of any of these network places yet i am still revceiving “very good” connection with my 802.11b adapter..

    i live near 3 blocks away from general hospital

    this site is usefull.

  185. comment number 185 by: xtian

    just an update – in response to a post – cafe neon does not have free wireless in their cafe. i just had lunch there today and to my disappoinment couldnt connect to anything.

    oh geez

  186. comment number 186 by: intrepidtravlr

    Can anyone post a compilation of SF late night Wi Fi spots off the top of their head? The only ones I know now are 26 Mix and DNA Lounge.



  187. comment number 187 by: Bill

    The Green Tortoise Hostel on Broadway (at Sansome) in North Beach has free WiFi for their guests. But you can pick up the strong signal at Enrico’s, which is a higher end bar accross the alley from the Tortoise.

  188. comment number 188 by: Omer

    Driving through the Castro I noticed there’s a new laundromat/cafe called Sit N’ Spin. Supposedly has free wireless.

    Samovar Tea Lounge no longer has free wireless on any day. They said “it got too expensive.”

    Morning Due’s free wireless works in the sense that you log into Surf N Sip, and they give you the free promo code that you can use any time you’re there.

  189. comment number 189 by: webdog

    Two more free spots in the Sunset. Both advertise free Internet on their websites.

    Kaleo Cafe – 1340 Irving Street (between 14th and 15th Ave.)

    PJ’s Oysterbed Restaurant – 737 Irving (@9th Ave.)

  190. comment number 190 by: stephanie

    java beach in the sunset has free wifi again.

  191. comment number 191 by: liz

    Cafe Trieste at Grant and Green in north beach, as well as being fabulous in every other way, has free wi-fi.

  192. comment number 192 by: sean

    Hooray! Cafe Trieste is classic, perhaps my favorite cafe in San Francisco. I hope our laptops won’t ruin the vibe though.

  193. comment number 193 by: Paul Agus

    Caffe Trieste is at Vallejo and Grant street( not Grant and Green ), North Beach has free Wi-fi with purchase per 2 hour, good place to hangout

  194. comment number 194 by: Erica

    I hear Dolores Park Cafe might have free wi-fi, but I’m not sure. Anyone else hear this?

  195. comment number 195 by: jesse

    There is the Canvas Cafe and Art Gallery – nice place!

    Free WIFI is often slow, but almost always available.

  196. comment number 196 by: SFPL

    The San Francisco Public Library is testing a wireless network in the Main Library. WiFi (short for wireless fidelity) uses high frequency radio signals to transmit and receive data over limited distances. Three access points are installed on the fourth floor and are connected to one DSL line. Signals may be picked up on other floors as well.

    Limitations & Disclaimers

    Connecting to the Wireless Internet Network

    Finding Library Hot Spots

    Operating Systems

    Windows OS

    MAC OS

    Troubleshooting Network Settings

    Windows 98

    Windows 2000 & XP

    Windows NT


    Internet Explorer Tips

    Limitations & Disclaimers

    The Library’s wireless network is not secure. Information sent from or to a laptop or PDA can be captured by anyone with a wireless device and the appropriate software, within a few hundred feet.

    The Library assumes no responsibility for laptop configurations, security or changes to data files resulting from connection to the Library’s network.

    The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of equipment; users must keep their equipment with them at all times.

    It is the user’s responsibility to install all necessary hardware and software for wireless connectivity via IEEE Standard 802.11b. Additionally, the Library recommends the installation of current virus protection and/or personal firewall software.

    Library staff is not able to provide technical assistance.

    The Library cannot guarantee that all users will be able to connect to the network.

    Printing is not available via the wireless connection.

    Users with laptops and PDAs may use electrical outlets at public tables only.

  197. comment number 197 by: Lalani Wong

    I tried out the free WI-FI on the fourth floor in the Business and Art Departments. The signal in the Business Department was so-so; the signal strength in the Art Department was a bit stronger. Once on though, encountered no problems with staying online with dropped signals. PLEASE try out the WI-FI, and DROP OFF WRITTEN COMMENT FORMS, as this is just a pilot program. Your comments will determine if this WI-FI continues and grows.

  198. comment number 198 by: Laylani Wong

    SORRY — The comment left above was pertaining to the SAN FRANCISCO MAIN PUBLIC LIBRARY. The Business and Art Departments are on the 4th floor of the MAIN PUBLIC LIBRARY. You can pick up COMMENT FORMS and DISCLAIMER forms from any of the clerks their at the PUBLIC LIBRARY on the fourth floor.

  199. comment number 199 by: willo

    The Grove cafe in the marina has wi-fi- they have a $20/mo program (probably a daily price too, but I didn’t ask – my friend uses the $20/mo deal) But the even better news is that there’s also atleast 2 free wi-fi hotspots you can hop on if you sit by the window.. I was just there today, but it’s way across town from me so I’m here to find closer free wi-fi spots to go work. Thanks for the great info.

  200. comment number 200 by: eric L

    cole valley cafe is now on zrnet, and bean bag cafe is now on surf and sip. neither are free anymore, althogh bean bag cafe still has signs up all over the place saying they have free wifi.

  201. comment number 201 by: sheba

    Hi, a few San Francisco updates as of May 30, 2004:

    1. Canvas Cafe & Gallery (9th Ave & Lincoln) turns off their hub on the weekend. Dammit.

    2. Kaleo Cafe on Irving near 15th? Ave (near Andronico’s) does NOT have free WiFi, although their Web site says they do. Dammit.

    3. Cafe Neon does not have free Wifi — I’m not sure they even have paid WiFi, but the cafe across the street has (paid) WiFi.

    Sean, this is a great resource. Now that so many places that used to offer free wireless are now paid access only, it would be great to revise the list; right now it takes a lot of scrolling to find out if a place still has free wireless. Need some help? Thank you for putting this together in the first place. Hoping to see more free spots crop up soon. . .

  202. comment number 202 by: heather

    #36 above (1 market@ sansome in the courtyard) no longer works. 6/2/04

  203. comment number 203 by: Darren

    Don’t forget about the always wireless Apple Store on 4th and Market St. You can always sit at the Genius Bar and enjoy. :)

  204. comment number 204 by: acaldwell1958

    hello! the main library downtown has wifi! its free and the ssid is SFPL4ART i found the signal with the network stumbler and im on the 3rd floor right now! wheeeeeeeeee!

  205. comment number 205 by: acaldwell1958

    cole valley cafe is TOO SMALL! and has NO PLUGS


  206. comment number 206 by: Mitch

    Bean Bag Cafe…

    NO longer free!! :-( Went there today and I would have had to pay…. went to Jumpin’ Java b/c there is no way in hell that I am going to pay!

  207. comment number 207 by: Igor Vulfson

    Cole Valey Cafe is pretty nice – it’s listed above. But they’ve succumbed to ZDNET – they only charge $3 for the 24hr wireless pass though – not $5.

  208. comment number 208 by: jv

    can somebody please help me understand how i can get wireless access from my home in sf? i live in lower nob hill, near union square, on bush, between taylor/mason. i am getting a computer with integrated wireless and want wireless internet in my home. do i just hope to connect to a surrounding signal, or how does it work?


    jv (if u respond, please do so via email at

  209. comment number 209 by: jv

    oops sorry my email is (see above msg.)


  210. comment number 210 by: TomHiggins

    Visting SF from Portland OR, home of the Personal Telco Project (

    So far today I have hit..

    Golden Gate Perk.- If they would drop the “Buy something and get the wep key” fershizle this would be a nice place. They have a big screen tv and a few workstations with multimedia capabilties. Annoying wep key stuff though, please someone talk to them and get them to go truly free wifi.

    Random Linksys near the Escape From NY Pizza (blechh) on Bush. Hey its a linksys, hey I can get access, hey you folks need to evanglize a common SSID in this town.

    The Apple Store. Slow slow no place to sit. and enjoy. Wound up in the new cafe, Citizen CupCake, in the Virgin Store across from it. The signal was horrible. The new cafe though is nice and the folks there extermly helpfull. They should get wireless. Its a great roost on the third floor and if it were not for the coated windows I bet a lot of APs would be getable.

    The SF Public Library. Folks you have a treasure in this place. The connectivity here is not the most balzing fast I have seen but the sheer amount of places to either get a terminal or plug in your lap top and get connected is amazing. For all the wireless stuff we have going on in Portland this blows me away. The staff here knew what I was asking for, handed me easy to read instructions, there were plenty of spots to plug in…Once again, this is amazing and something to support.

    And now…off to find more access.


  211. comment number 211 by: Oussama

    I just wanted to let you know that one of my favorite cafes offers free wireless: The Butler and the Chef Cafe at 155A South Park (few blocks down from SFMOMA). You have to sign up for a Surf-n-Sip account, but don’t worry b/c it’s still free (just select the “free wireless sponsored by venue” option). ~Oussama.

  212. comment number 212 by: Ryan MacCarthy

    This list is amazing! Thanks Sean! I started putting together a list of free hotspots as well for the bay area last summer, and just recently put it on line for everyone here:

    I’ve seen several on your list that I didn’t know about. I’ll add them to mine soon enough! Thanks!

    I’m all about the wap version for my mobile phone to access my database while i’m on the road and looking to plug in.

  213. comment number 213 by: tw

    Last Laugh Cafe at 1551 Dolores St. & Valley (28th/29th) now offers free Wi-Fi.

  214. comment number 214 by: Jason

    btw, cafe dulcinea no longer exists. Drove there today to find something else in its place. you might want to remove that. Oh and a piece of advice for others: make sure one of these places exists before you head out there.

  215. comment number 215 by: Sheba

    Canvas Cafe at 9th & Lincoln turns off their hub on weekends (poo!). Kaleo Cafe on Irving has paid wireless access only. Does anyone know of reliable free hotspots up at USF, on campus or nearby? Or in the Presidio? Thanks.

  216. comment number 216 by: Shannon Range

    Reverie on Cole Street (x-street is Frederick) in Cole Valley has free wireless. Tables are small but it has nice outdoor space in back. No music to speak of.

  217. comment number 217 by: Nick

    Loco Taco Taqueria

    292 Divisadero street

    San Francisco,CA 94117


    the first taqueria to offer free wifi in san francisco,the food is great and the place is very clean!

  218. comment number 218 by: doeyx

    Morning Glory cafe on 17th and Church doesn’t have free connection.

    Requires you to sign up with Surf and Sip Network.

  219. comment number 219 by: doey x

    re: Morning Glory Cafe,

    Sorry, after reading the website more carefully, I found out that you can get free access… but you have to fill out credit card and info to creat an account. Then they take a $1 reserve from your credit card, but I guess they refund that… I haven’t tried it…

  220. comment number 220 by: Oussama

    The cafe on 17th and Church is actually called Morning Due Cafe. Yea, the wireless is offered thru surf-n-sip, but it’s totally free. i tried it.

  221. comment number 221 by: Brad

    Dolores Park Cafe (18th/Dolores) has free wifi access with a strong signal – just tried it. Found it on

  222. comment number 222 by: Art Derby

    The FREE wi-fi at Nani’s Coffee, 2739 Geary Blvd. is the only free one within walking distance of Geary & Masonic. Is ZRNet, free to computer owners, charge card for the available terminal, as of 7/24/04. Kind of hard to find, is on the South Geary permiter road at the side of the tunnel, next door to GreatCuts haircut shop.

  223. comment number 223 by: Molly Young

    Can someone recommend which one of these wireless cafes is

    1) quiet and/or

    2) open late (at least until 11pm)?

    Thank you!


  224. comment number 224 by:


    Not too many are open late. That’s really surprising, you’d think there would be at least one wi-fi cafe in SF open past midnight. Cafe Abir and the Muddy Waters used to, but now they cancelled the free wi-fi. But as far as I can remember, DNA lounge is the only late-night public wi-fi place, and it’s a club and not a cafe. (I couldn’t really see working there late at night when it’s a club full of people dancing and socializing..)

    I think San Francisco is hurting for a late-night free wi-fi cafe. Seattle is loaded with them, and even Berkeley has Berkeley Espresso, which at least stays open until 11.

    As far as quiet… Maxfield’s can be relatively quiet, but not when they

    have a live band or poetry event or when the barrista turns up the music.

    Morning Due is usually relatively quiet.

  225. comment number 225 by: Anonymous

    Check out Cafe Grain D’Or on Geary at Leavenworth. The guy that runs (or owns) the place is really nice and they’re open till midnight on weekdays.

  226. comment number 226 by: Laylani Wong

    Sadly to say, the VENTURE FROGS restaurant is closed. I walked by the AMC 2000 Theaters (at Van Ness and O’Farrell streets) today and the VENTURE FROGS sign was taken down and all of the interior was taken out to the beams and bare floors. Does not look like it will be re-opening.

  227. comment number 227 by: pj

    CyBelle’s on 9th and Judah advertises free wifi.

  228. comment number 228 by: Coffee

    Just wanted to add to this site that there is a Tea cafe called Teavana on 2164 Polk St. that currently offers free wireless internet. My wife works for the store and I did them a favor and setup a wireless connection for their customers (and myself 😉 ) to use.

    Currently we’re using a 128 bit HEX key to keep it mostly for customers since there is a Starbucks across the street that we don’t want to let people leech our connection from. You simply have to ask an employee at the counter for the key. This may cause some compatibility issues with some people, but it was necessary in this case.

  229. comment number 229 by: -oo0(GoldTrader)0oo-



    1245 S VAN NESS, SAN FRANCISCO, CA near 23rd

    (415) 282-0514 FOOD MARKETS

    When I am waiting for my girlfriend I pick up WiFi wireless on a NetGear router. The closer I go to the entrance the stronger the signal.



  230. comment number 230 by: webdog

    A new Apple Store is opening up at Stonestown next Sept. 25. Free Wi-Fi inside, I expect. Will be interesting to see if the signal can be picked up in the food court.

  231. comment number 231 by: Alex

    Notes from the Underground still has free wireless

  232. comment number 232 by: Antonio

    Couldn’t find any free wireless at the Morning Due, only the usual Surf and Sip (which has transmogrified into something bigger and more corporate, from the screen I go when I connected). I think I may have just bought a month of their service in fact, unless the SS service is sponsored by Due (which I rather doubt). Perhaps you should look into this….

  233. comment number 233 by: latinasia

    Does anyone know any free wi-fi locations in Soma other than hotels?

  234. comment number 234 by: Patrick Graham

    last I checked Morning Due was Surf and Sip but you could log on with non-paid account.

  235. comment number 235 by: Steve

    Any chance anyone knows a free wifi spot on or near Potrero Hill?

  236. comment number 236 by: Friend




    Plus they have Wireless G

    Great guy that owns the cafe, support this guy!!!

  237. comment number 237 by: Dino Ignacio

    free wi-fi is available at the Metreon. on 4th and Mission. It’s not a cafe but you can sit in Just Desserts or the garden and browse away.

  238. comment number 238 by: eamonn

    Cup A Joe also has a cafe on Sutter & Leavenworth on Nob Hill. WiFi there is free with a purchase. There’s a set of steps around the corner though, you can sit there and get the signal if they’re closed or full up.

  239. comment number 239 by: Drew from Zhrodague

    Another site to visit which displays Wi-Fi nodes discovered by wardrivers is — lots of data for San Francisco, and many other places.

  240. comment number 240 by: Anonymous

  241. comment number 241 by: webdog

    Sean, congrats on being mentioned on Slashdot.

  242. comment number 242 by: mickey

    Didn’t see this mentioned anywhere yet:


    Free Wireless Broadband Internet Access Now Available to the Public”

    “Visitors to Union Square with a Wi-Fi compatible device and a web browser can access the service by designating “unionsquarenetwork” in the device’s network configuration settings.”

  243. comment number 243 by: webdog

    There’s a new Apple Store downstairs in the Stonestown Mall. I had lunch in the upstairs food court, and found that if I sat at a table near the “up” escalator, I could get a stable connection to SSID “Apple Store”. Note that I used a 100mW card and external antenna to make the connection… the built-in Airport couldn’t quite make the connection.

  244. comment number 244 by: Bowen

    Stopped by Momi Toby’s on Laguna btw Hayes and Fell this morning, and there is a strong, fast signal from ‘belkin54g’. I’m not sure if it’s from the cafe or someone nearby, but I hope whoever is providing will continue to do so.

  245. comment number 245 by: Nicole

    Cafe Trieste in North Beach has free wireless, and so does Teavana in Russian Hill. I can’t remember the exact street for Cafe Trieste, but it is right off of Columbus. And Teavana is on Polk at Vallejo. There is a password required for Teavana, but the person at the counter will give that to you, just ask.

  246. comment number 246 by: Daniel

    In regards to SoMa, Caffe Roma 885 Bryant Street @ 7th had free Wi-Fi for patrons (there’s really no where else to sit around there) and I assume they still do, but it was broken the last time I went there.

  247. comment number 247 by: hafeth

    hello every one

    cafe grain d,or 700 geary @leavenworth provide free great wi fi conection open 7 days 6am to midnight

    they have realy good cafe ,smouthies ,the best chai ever …….

  248. comment number 248 by: rufus t firefly

    Free wifi cafe at 1733 Polk near Washington.(San Francisco) Its called “Quickly” They mostly sell those Taiwanese “bubble drinks” but has other drinks and food too. You need to get a password from the counter.

  249. comment number 249 by: Josh

    saw you on Slashdot. nice. i also use Bay Area FreeFi for finding free wireless. they have 300 or so locations in the area. (plus a gimmick to put the list on your iPod – the wiPod)

    you guys should combine your lists.

  250. comment number 250 by: Crow

    in the alley where the exist is from McDonalds on Golden Gate at Van Ness. Strong signal. Pull out of Mickey D’s, park and surf..

  251. comment number 251 by: DROID1



    5501 CALIFORNIA ST. @(17TH AVE)

    SF CA

    Free WI-FI!!!!

    ..quiet, neighborhoodie, sunny… (on sunny days) nice people.

  252. comment number 252 by: cheeseburgal

    Sea Biscuit’s owner says the wi-fi is only up when the surf shop has it on, and it was never supposed to be an open network, and he was a little miffed to be listed here without being asked.

    Cafe Murano (Steiner) is GREAT – good food, good ambiance, really really nice owner. Besides the wi-fi there’s a PC where casual users can check email or whatever.

  253. comment number 253 by: sean

    Thanks cheeseburgal… But Mr. Seabiscuit should know (1) his cafe isn’t on the list (although some folks have left commments about it) and (2) if he doesn’t want it to be an open network, he should make it a closed network! It’s easy to turn on WEP encryption on his access point so outsiders can’t use it; tell him to consult the instructions.

  254. comment number 254 by: webdog

    Sea Biscuit people always seem so friendly, so cheeseburgals post saddens me. Anyways, if SF Surf Shop didn’t want their Wi-Fi to be used, why on earth did they make the SSID to be “sfsurf.public”?

    Does it seem strange to anyone else that a business owner is whining about too much free publicity (he’s on a LOT of Wi-Fi lists). Go figure.

  255. comment number 255 by: wirelesscrazy

    Java Beach Cafe at 1396 La Playa in Outer Sunset, San francisco. It is as far west you can go before Japan for a cup of joe. Free wi-fi and they have two stand alone computers (but charge to use those). If you want to eat one of the biggest sandwiches west of the Missippi, then order the Tsunami. Also, the best most moist chocolate cake you could sink your teeth into. Great coffee…just too bad they don’t have other selections of decaf for those who don’t want or need the caffine. They have outside seating too…perfect in summer months. The are right off the N-Judah line turnaround. To avoid the small kid time, go later in the day. Great place on the beach…and Stacy on Friday nights is the hostess with mostest.

  256. comment number 256 by: crankypage

    Java Beach has been hit or miss in the past, flipping between free and pay wi-fi… well as of January 2005, it’s very much back as a great cafe with free wi-fi. It’s also been nicely renovated- they now have a full (alcohol) bar in the back as well as the coffee bar in the front. Great place!

  257. comment number 257 by: webdog

    Went to Cybelle’s Front Room today (9th Ave and Judah). The advertise free Wi-Fi. As soon as I pulled out my laptop, a waiter came over and provided me the WEP hex key. Unfortunately, every time I tried to join the network, I got an error message. A manager came over, and he tried to help, but still no go. After 10 minutes of trying, I gave up, ate my food, and walked to Canvas Cafe (9th and Lincoln) for Wi-Fi.

    I found the people at Cybelle’s very friendly and accomodating, but I don’t think I’ll be back. I’d rather go where the Wi-Fi works.

  258. comment number 258 by: Natty

    Nani’s Cafe at 2739 Geary Boulevard

    is usually quite empty, and the WiFi has never yet failed me, and relatively easy parking.

    It has a website that isn’t listed on cheesebikini:

    It’s a good place to support mom-n-pop stores, if you’re into that sort of thing. And they’re very friendly to people accessing their network.

  259. comment number 259 by: Bharat

    Chameleon cafe – intersection of Pacific & Leavenworth. Lots of power outlets, friendly staff.

    Network always works.

  260. comment number 260 by: Laylani

    JOEYS on O’Farrell Street between Leavenworth and Jones has their WI-FI vendor closed for at least 8 weeks until they find a new vendor.

  261. comment number 261 by: ninjabot

    i second nanis…its a lovely atmosphere…free wireless..good coffee..great sandwiches..and great owners!

  262. comment number 262 by: climbnow

    43 Muddy’s Coffee House: 1304 Valencia Street, at 24th Street. — now has a fee-based wireless system!

  263. comment number 263 by: Nathan Braun

    The Chestnut Street Coffee Roastery, in the Marina District of San Francisco, has nearby unsecured wireless access that I am using right now.

  264. comment number 264 by: Alan

    I’m not sure what the name of the place is, but there’s a laundromat at the corner of Lombard and Fillmore that has free wireless (for customers, of course).

  265. comment number 265 by: Laylani - Tamara

    JOEY’S coffee cafe – ice cream shoppe – snack shop and laundry mat – is now back up and operational with free WI-FI for its customers. The owner set up his own wireless hot spot. JOEY’S is located on O’Farrell Street between Leavenworth and Jones; and is open between 6 AM and 10 PM. One of the more pleasant yet colorful of free hot spots in the City.

  266. comment number 266 by: john christ

    your project and performance is good.

  267. comment number 267 by: Tim

    I was just at Muddy’s in the Mission:

    43 Muddy’s Coffee House: 1304 Valencia Street, at 24th Street.

    And there is paid service there now – but there is also an open network – with “iraq” in the name that is open and has good signal strength.

  268. comment number 268 by: Michael

    Cup A Joe has great free wireless, Morrissey playing in the background right now :)

    Unfortunately, Cafe de la Presse did not have wireless, although the european atmosphere was nice

    Also, I was unable to connect to the wireless connection at Puccini & Pinetta. It seems in both cases that a next door hotel’s wireless (pay for wireless) was present, perhaps interfering?

  269. comment number 269 by: anavidi

    the garden house cafe on 3117 clement street btwn 32nd and 33rd ave advertises free wireless internet for customers.

  270. comment number 270 by: Wai Fai Jung Kee

    Does anyone have SFO airport mapped out?

    (For free or paid access)

    I tried getting access there over the 2004 xmas holiday, and it was nothing short of a nightmare. I was in the United Terminal, and I could only get the T-Mobile signal in certain areas, which later cost me a fortune ($8?) for 1-hour. It would be great if someone took a Saturday and mapped it all out, and then we wouldn’t spend an hour walking around with 50 lbs of carryons, etc… There must be a few free signals near some of the lounges like in other airports.

  271. comment number 271 by: Al Farmer


    I’d like to get our cafe listed. We are located at 1336 9th Ave, San Francisco, between Judah and Irving.

    We are a new Art Cafe with a lovely indoor / outdoor patio, Free WiFi and Windows XP terminal, comfortable seating and great food, event space with takeout orders.

    Our website address is


    Al Farmer

    Owner, Art Director and IT Manager

  272. comment number 272 by: webdog

    I have to say, Cafe Evolution has become my favorite local spot when I need free wireless. Can always find a comfy seat. And plenty of electricity in the back. A great alternative to the overcrowded Canvas Cafe.

  273. comment number 273 by: webdog

    I went on a bit of a Wi-Fi expedition in the Sunset today.

    First stop was JJ Dessert House. It’s gone. Kaput. Don’t exist no more.

    Second stop, nearby Kaleo Cafe. They no longer offer free Wi-Fi. According to the lady at the counter, they plan to reinstate it some day, but she couldn’t say when.

    Next stop, Cafe Evolution. Wi-Fi was down today. After a half hour of trying, the staff still couldn’t get it working. I really like Cafe Evolution, but the Wi-Fi can be flaky at times. Staff seemed a bit stressed.

    Finally, Canvas Cafe. I had to switch to decaf at this point. Connection was slow, but usable. Couldn’t download any large files (gave up on a 5 MB download) and be prepared to wait at least 30 seconds for a web page to load. Oh yeah, bring a 1:3 outlet splitter or a power strip, so you can get electricity.

  274. comment number 274 by: crankypage

    Some updates-

    Agree on Cafe Evolution – it’s great, but check that the WiFi works before you order!

    Java Beach is once again free WiFi, as I posted before (Great Highway and Judah.)

    Venture Frogs is long gone, in case anyone doesn’t know this.

    Interesting note on the peninsula – in Palo Alto, all of the University Ave shopping district is a free WiFi zone. All cafes, bars, restaurants, even the public benches. See:

    There’s a Starbucks with paid WiFi right in the center of the zone, ha! Let’s hope this starts a trend.

    Thanks for the resource, Sean!

  275. comment number 275 by: Charles

    Royal Ground at Polk and Vallejo in Russian Hill has free WiFi (assuming you buy something – great coffee and remember to tip well . . . ) They also have some sort of pay service where people without a laptop can log onto the cafe’s powerbook and surf. A plus, to me, is they are also open every night until 11.

    In fact sitting outside in this neighborhood, you can generally connect to several residential WiFi networks.

  276. comment number 276 by: Will

    Mission Creek on Mission @ 21st

    968 Valencia St

    Free, able to conenct even to my work VPN which is usually the limiting factor with ZRnet

    Much homier than most of the cafes around here, seeming fairly empty. Dunno how I missed finding this one so far. Oh yeah, I don’t get out of the house.

  277. comment number 277 by: Wolfie

    The Tully Cafe at 303 Second now offers a $3.99 per diem HotSpot – alas, no longer free surfing. An employee thought this was not fair, as some advertising still shows the free WiFi.

  278. comment number 278 by: k

    Muddy’s @ 24th & Valencia wi-fi is NOT free; they charge $5 for a day pass.

  279. comment number 279 by: Eric Goldberg

    Hello. I am compiling a group vCard in Apple Address book, for wireless cafes in SF. Do you have this information in vCard format, or comma-delimited? I will share a group export of the cafes if you want to collaborate on this. This could be especially helpful for those of us that share contacts between our laptops and our cellphones.

  280. comment number 280 by: Jacqueline

    Check out Luv Java Cafe at the corner of Dolores & 26th Street. Free Wi-Fi, open everyday until 7pm, great people there and not crowded at all.

  281. comment number 281 by: mickey

    New cafÈ with free WiFi and really good pastries and espresso drinks, nearest to the corner of Castro at 18th Street.

    Le Bon Gateau

    476 Castro Street

    San Francisco, CA 94114

    (415) 931-7655

    Open early, I think 7:30am (!). I PowerBook there frequently.

  282. comment number 282 by: mickey

    The Kaleo CafÈ, as mentioned above, has intermittent WiFi. Their computer system was in pieces for a while, and I think they were trying to do a deal with Sip ‘n Surf. Before you head over there you might want to call to confirm that they have any WiFi at all, and that it’s still free.

    But they do have great karoke on Fridays and Hawaiian music approx. every other Saturday eve. I’ll ask the next time I head on over there with the kids.

  283. comment number 283 by: John G

    Anyone want to join me in coming up with a revised, 2005 list of SF wifi cafes? With an easier-to-read, bigger map?

  284. comment number 284 by: Jason

    There’s a cafe on Jones and Bush right beside the Cybelle’s Pizza that just put in free wifi

  285. comment number 285 by: Jason

    There’s also a place on Jones and Geary that’s called “24FPS”, right beside a hotel that also has free wifi.

  286. comment number 286 by: Information Services

    All public areas of the Main Library now have access to a wireless network (WiFi). This is a permanent expansion of the previous beta launch. For additional information, see:

    or contact the Library:

    Information Services Department

    San Francisco Public Library

    100 Larkin Street

    San Francisco, CA 94102-4705



  287. comment number 287 by: why

    There’s another network at The Grove on Fillmore (Pac Heights) that’s free, in addition to the pay for use one.

  288. comment number 288 by: barce

    The owner removed WiFi from the Reverie several weeks ago because of the Zombie effect.

  289. comment number 289 by: zanshin

    I’ve been holding on to this like my favorite fishing spot… not sure why I’m sharing it today, but:

    Gallery Cafe

    Wahington @ Mason.

    Quiet, plenty of electricity, good drinks and food, ethernet available if you don’t have a wireless card, open 6:30am to 9:00pm.

    Now that you know about it, don’t spoil it for me. It’s my favorite study spot.

  290. comment number 290 by: RubenRemus

    Cafe Murano has been hit with SBC’s port-25 blocking, which blocks outgoing email from Outlook and other POP software. At some point their owners might request unblocking, but for now it would be nice if this site could track situations when you’ve got to use webmail for email purposes.

  291. comment number 291 by: cheesebikini-sean

    Ruben, please note that Cafe Murano might well be blocking this port for your protection.

    If you use Outlook or other POP software in the open, without securing

    your traffic.. Well, that software is sending your username and password

    in the open, without securing it, across the airwaves. Anyone in the cafe

    running free packetsniffing software can easily see your username and

    password in that case.

    I highly recommend using Gmail or other secure Web mail, or Thunderbird w/

    encryption, or better yet use an SSH tunnel, or SSH into your mail server

    directly. You can learn how by Googling either of the terms I just


    But do yourself a favor, throw away that Outlook and IE, especially when

    you’re using wi-fi in a public place.

  292. comment number 292 by: webdog

    Is Internet Wired Cafe gone? Their website is MIA and no one answers their phone. Anyone have more info?

    Not that there aren’t other better free Wi-Fi options in the 9th and Irving area.

  293. comment number 293 by: webdog

    Sorry for the double post. Forgot to mention that I phoned Kaleo Cafe, and once again they have free Wi-Fi. Definitely good news. I like the feel of that place.

  294. comment number 294 by: Heidi

    Harvest & Rowe

    55 Second Street (Between Market and Mission)

    San Francisco, CA

    (415) 541-7771

    They just started adverstising free WiFi a few weeks ago.

  295. comment number 295 by: webdog

    Romana’s (formerly Black Pearl Tea Zone) at 1330 Ocean advertises free Wi-Fi. The menu is mostly Mexican food and sandwiches. The do have coffee and tea. When I visited, the network was down, and cashier commented it is often down.

  296. comment number 296 by: bambi

    south beach cafe is on the Embarcadero, corner of Townsend, NOT Green

  297. comment number 297 by: webdog

    Caffe D’Melanio at 1314 Ocean says that they have free Wi-Fi for customers.

  298. comment number 298 by: anon

    Would be nice if you augmented cafe info with opening/closing hours!

  299. comment number 299 by: Kwai

    In Japantown San Francisco, there is a new cafe called Cafe Lavender between Post and Laguna (right across the street from Radisson hotel). The address is 1610 Post St. #100, San Francisco. They have free wi-fi with very good signal and a free computer for people to use. It is located downstair of 1610 Post St. building. They have jazz music on all the time and very comfortable environment.

  300. comment number 300 by: Philthy

    Since today was sunny and in the 70s…I went on a mini-tour of Wi-Fi cafes in the Mission.

    First stop was Papa Toby’s Revolution Cafe at 22nd & Bartlett. Signal was fair but there was a weird connection issue (couldn’t get my Yahoo mail). Also it’s kinda noisy, but since it’s mostly outdoors that’ll happen. And they let you smoke, which is g00d unless you’re a rabid antismoker.

    Next was Luv A Java on Dolores & 26th. (this is really more Noe Valley). It sported AC outlets all around, free ice water, and a 802.11g with WEP. Great connection and pretty cool music. I stayed so long that…

    Last Laugh Cafe at Dolores & Valley had closed for the day. If you want their free WiFi and printer (which I actually needed) their weekday hours are 6am-2:30pm. So I started to mosey on home and stumbled on…

    Cup O Java on Guerrero and 28th. As was said above, they have a free-use desktop with printer (woo!). The owner was VERY cool about giving me printer paper as well as the Surf and Sip password. They have Stewarts soda, the falafel is pretty good, and it is near…well, almost everything.

  301. comment number 301 by: iluvwifi

    No one seems to have mentioned that Cafe XO not only still has ZRNet (I think) wifi and doesn’t charge for it, but you don’t even have to get a pass anymore, you just log in thru the browser. Great place.

  302. comment number 302 by: Philthy

    So here I am at Last Laugh (corner of Dolores & Valley) and I gotta say it’s one of the better ones of the bunch. Free 801.11g with one terminal, a strong signal, a good amount of AC outlets, and a color printer for a small fee. Add a couch and a HUGE overstuffed chair, and a decent lunch deal (sandwich and chips for $5.50). They were playing classic rock while I was there. The only faults I find with this place is that the coffee is not as good as elsewhere in the `hood and they close early. In fact they are stacking chairs as I write, so I’m off to…

    CafÈ XO, (corner of Church & 30th) where the zdnet is B, free, and the lite jazz is playing while I sip pretty good coffee (expensive, but hey it’s in Noe Valley). The food and decor is upscale as is most of the clientele, and the Muni metro goes by so often you soon stop hearing it. Comfortable chairs in the back around a coffee table with a fireplace that may or may not work, but there’s a couple of AC outlets with surge protectors. Otherwise the place feels suspiciously like a Starbucks, albeit cleaner and with better house coffee. Guess I’ve been here too long and now I’m getting blocked in by women with strollers…must escape.

  303. comment number 303 by: alan

    I wonder if we could have the GPS coordinates for these cafes? It would be great to have their co-ords, name and SSIDs in the POI database!

  304. comment number 304 by: Rona

    Bazaar Cafe on California btwn 21st and 22nd has free wi-fi now, and a great garden patio where you can sun yourself while surfing the ‘Net!

  305. comment number 305 by: Ruth Temple

    Free Wifi Cafe’s I’m not seeing on this list:

    Brand new in May, 2005:

    Ritual Coffee Roasters

    1026 Valencia, between 21st and 22d, San Francisco

    great coffee, in a High-Art Barista style, snacks.

    Mission Creek Cafe, aka the Creek Cafe

    968 Valencia Street, between Liberty and 21st

    finally enough electric outlets to go around! schlumpy decor but absolutely fabulous real live food. go for their home-made soups on a fog-chilled summer day, and check out the Radio Valencia Chicken Salad sammich with chipotle in the sauce – YUM! cosy.

  306. comment number 306 by: nicole

    The aformentioned Ritual Coffee Roasters does have wireless, and their coffee is excellent. So if you want good coffee and wireless, go here.

  307. comment number 307 by: Mark

    J&J Dessert house at Irving and 16th is closed.

  308. comment number 308 by: mickey

    Updates: Le Bon Gateau (Castro @ 18th) – the off-site network admin has cleverly disabled port 25 so there’s no outgoing email. I’ve chatted with him, but he read a book about something or another and he’s sure he’s providing a service by blocking this. Alternatives: Sit & Spin on 18th Street between Hartford & Noe Streets (about 1.5 blocks away).

    Update: Kaleo CafÈ (Irving @ 14th) – their WiFi is dismantled, awaiting a new manager. This might take a while.

  309. comment number 309 by: manuel

    there is free wifi at RedJacks Saloon on Bay and Stockton….have a beer and surf the net…they are also a RedSox bar for you transplanted Bostonians…cheers!!!

  310. comment number 310 by: Information Services

    San Francisco Public Library is expanding wireless Internet access to include branch libraries, in addition to the Main Library and Main Library Cafe. Currently the following locations have wireless access:




    Eureka Valley





    Visitacion Valley

    Main Library

    Main Library Cafe

    Information Services Department

    San Francisco Public Library

    100 Larkin Street

    San Francisco, CA 94102-4705


    FAX: 415-557-4424


  311. comment number 311 by: Mickey Sattler


    AnchorFree has expanded to cover more SF neighborhoods. I’m sitting in the Castro and am thrilled to find out that they’ve carpeted a three-block area with free WiFi.

    Checking their website I see that they’ve now blanketed Fillmore Street, Chestnut Street, Union Street, Union Square, and my own Castro Street. (Some maps provided.)

    I am *such* a happy camper :-)

  312. comment number 312 by: Di

    I’m sitting in Cafe International on Haight right now and it’s free. Ofcourse I read your note re: ZRNet charges and also I’ve seen signs around here that say there is a charge for internet use, but maybe that’s just the wired computers they have here? Or maybe I’m just temporarily lucky.

  313. comment number 313 by: pani

    The CalTrain station at 4th and King Streets now has free wireless access.

  314. comment number 314 by: liz

    also… cafe la onda
    3159 16th between gerrero & valencia

  315. comment number 315 by: Laura

    threedollarbill (cafe@TheLGBTCenter) on Market & Pearl Sts. (just west of Octavia)

  316. comment number 316 by: Gavin

    The roof top garden at the crocker galleria has free wi-fi. This is on Post near Montgomery. Nice place to sit and work if you have already had enough coffee :)

  317. comment number 317 by: Shawn

    Another free wifi cafe to add to your list..

    Java Beach cafe in the outer sunset, on 47th and Judah(?) (I may be a block off)

    Very cool little joint to hang out in, also..

  318. comment number 318 by: chompers

    on clement at 22nd st has free wi-fi

  319. comment number 319 by: chompers

    cafe lo cubano on california in laurel village has free wi-fi

  320. comment number 320 by: becky clark

    scocial security # 002-74-2981 becky clark

  321. comment number 321 by: Harry

    I discovered today and I am very very greatfull, not only because a nice list of Wi-Fi cafes is very important for us with a laptop computer … but because … I do the same kind of Internet site for Free wireless cafés here in Paris France!
    Yes we do the same with our community wireless site called
    And we have fun also.

  322. comment number 322 by: JB

    Axis Cafe on 16th and 8th has free wireless. Get code w/ purchase.

  323. comment number 323 by: John Abbe

    Caffe Bianco, 39 Sutter – yum!

  324. comment number 324 by: John Abbe

    Food not so good – not hot enough, spiciness or temperature. Anyway, it is clean and still has wifi.

    As mentioned before:
    Loco Taco
    292 Divisadero

  325. comment number 325 by: Zennie

    The list of Oakland WiFi cafes is way under-represented. Piedmont Avenue has two of note: Gaylords on Piedmont and 41st and Rooz, also on Piedmont Avenue past 43rd (just beyond Fentons Ice Cremery).

  326. comment number 326 by: sean


    What list of Oakland wi-fi cafes? This is a list of San Francisco wi-fi cafes… Thanks for the contribution though.

  327. comment number 327 by: tien

    Does anyone know of a free wifi cafe near AMC Van Ness Theater at 1000 Van Ness Ave?

  328. comment number 328 by: sean

    Tien: Yes, a great one. Quetzal Cafe, 1234 Polk @ Bush, about 5 large blocks away.. (Large meaning, not counting the alleys)

    Ask for the WEP key when you get your coffee, it changes.

  329. comment number 329 by: Todd

    Hey just FYI, Java Beach Cafe out on 48th Ave. and Judah is a great spot with free wifi.

  330. comment number 330 by: Genato

    It is not an employee who forces customers sometimes to sit together, its the owner….this just happened to me this week,but in all fairness it must be pointed out many of the customers have been there for years and know eachother as well as the owner. Moreover, he is a generous man, who many a time has given back to his customers in ways that we appreciate. cafe h remains my favorite, followed by quetzal on polk.

  331. comment number 331 by: Lin

    Courtyard Marriott at Folsom and 2nd in downtown have free wireless access in their lobby. I’m using it now. 299 2nd St

  332. comment number 332 by: thirstfowireless

    I was just there today (6/27/07), and there is no wireless at Donut World. :(

  333. comment number 333 by: Jonas Sloan

    There is free wifi at the Leland Tea Company on the corner of Bush and Polk.

  334. comment number 334 by: Dave Mata

    Here is some updates you might want to add…
    Canvas on 9th Ave and Lincoln is closed.
    Cybelle’s on 9th and Judah offer free wifi, but it is WEP encrypted… they give the passcode out on request, and it doesn’t seem to have changed in 6 months.
    Muddy Waters on Church and Market does have an open wifi named “RoyalGrounds”

    Wild Awakenings on McAllister near Market does not have WiFi, but there is an open network that can be attached to if you sit in the back of the cafe.

  335. comment number 335 by: Frank

    Has anyone generated a map that indicates Wireless Coverage on San Francisco Bay?

  336. comment number 336 by: Craig

    Here is some updates you might want to add…
    Canvas on 9th Ave and Lincoln is closed.
    Luva Java at 26th and Dolores offers free wifi, but it is encrypted… they give the passcode out on request, and it doesn’t seem to have changed in 6 months. Nice place.

  337. comment number 337 by: Lisa

    Free Wifi in Lower Pac Heights- ast MArtha Bros. Cafe.

    I didn’t see this location on your list!
    2800 California @ Divisidaero

  338. comment number 338 by: Shu

    I went to try out Sit & Spin on 18th st at Noe. Their internet has no signal. It’s a self-serve laundromat(a bit over priced) No longer serving coffee.

  339. comment number 339 by: Mark

    California Cafe at California St. & 17th Ave. has free WiFi. Very low traffic, nice owner, rotating artwork, no music. Out of the way and sometimes too quiet if you need bustle to focus.

  340. comment number 340 by: KuhnKat

    Java Beach NEVER used ZRNET for free wireless. They still have free wireless available at Judah and La Playa.

  341. comment number 341 by: Clox

    Giovino on Union near Fillmore has good free wifi.

  342. comment number 342 by: angie

    Cafe So Cha, about Mission and Valencia, has free wifi.

  343. comment number 343 by: a

    NONE of the inner sunset cafes listed here still exist! Shoot. :)

  344. comment number 344 by: Stephen

    Piazza Market now has free Wifi! Located in the heart of North Beach, Piazza Market has wonderful food, fabulous wine, and ambiance like no other! Fountains, Italian tile, Trompel’oeil ceiling and village facades evoke the feeling of dining al fresco in an Italian Piazza. Choose from our daily menu of gourmet, freshly prepared items, sold by weight to take home or enjoy at Piazza Market. You can sip a glass of wine or share a bottle with friends while sitting by the indoor fountain or surfing the Internet on our free Wifi. Our wine store offers over 450 different Californian and Italian wines with some of the best prices in the city. When your home or office requires food and wine, benefit from our extensive catering menu and wine delivery service.

  345. comment number 345 by: Marcelo

    How do I add a location? Java on Ocean now has free wifi. There network name is zrnet but it is free and open to public.