Reasonable Health Care in the United States?

September 20th, 2007

Dr. Jay Parkinson in New York City has taken an amazing approach to medicine. He offers personalized, very responsive basic health care for $500 per year. Have a health concern? IM him, e-mail him, or send him photos or video and he’ll quickly advise, treat or refer you to a reasonably-priced specialist.

His Web site almost makes me want to move to New York just to escape the typical American health care hellhole I’m trapped in. But I wonder whether this approach can scale.

[Thanks Ryan Shaw].

Your World is Blu’s Canvas

September 16th, 2007

Blu is brilliant. Blu uses places in the real world as living canvasses for wild animations.

Press the play button, and keep an eye on the windows:

“Fantoche” (Marionette) by Blu, 3:39:

Why note the windows? Because there you see the time scale as sunlight comes and goes. The animation has to move extremely slowly, compared to normal human life.

This is fantastic. If I could draw, I’d create one of these right in the heart of a busy city.

Envision a New York subway stop as a canvas. Traffic would slow the animation down during rush hours, the artist often blocked from the work and the images often crowded out of view by the masses. During offpeak hours the animation could speed up and spread out a bit as the artist has more freedom to move around. You’d have a time-lapse video of the human subway activity, and the animation could interact with the lightning-fast real-world people flashing by.

You’d have fictional characters sharing a real-world place with real people, but living in a completely different frame of time. Living at plant speed.

This opens up a lot of fertile idea space when thinking of digital art and communication tied to urban spaces.

Here’s another. Watch for the real people flashing past through the doorway:

“Walking” by Blu, 2:54:

Bravo Blu. I can’t wait to see the memes you’ve unleashed escape the gallery and invade the cities.

[Thanks Jason Purcell.]

Bathroom Prank

September 8th, 2007


1. Download and open this PDF file.
2. Buy a pack of 3 1/3″ x 4″ white inkjet mailing labels. (About US$10 for 150 at any office supply store).
3. Print the PDF file on the labels.
4. Apply labels in public restrooms.

Doing this early and often will bring you good luck.

Want to alter it? Here’s the original Word template file.