The Last Supper in Tahoe

March 4th, 2008

Some of my best friends from New York City and San Francisco came together this weekend to rent a house at Lake Tahoe. We had 13 people at the table and Dav had a clever photo idea:

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I shot the same moment from the Apostles’ point of view:

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A New Blue Bottle

January 23rd, 2008

San Francisco coffee freaks rejoice: a new Blue Bottle cafe opened today at 66 Mint Street (near 5th and Market). And they have a $20,000 brewing device called a siphon bar that might even put the Clover to shame, according to an article in today’s New York Times.

2214814549_8aeb1329aa_m.jpgsiphon bar 2

I tried a cup of their C.O.E. Cooperativa Vasquez from Nicaragua. It was the most expensive cup pot of coffee I’ve ever had but it was delicious, and what a spectacle.

More photos.

Swede Revenge

July 10th, 2006

Americans, Get Out Of Here.

Arthur spotted this ad last week in a Stockholm subway station.


March 24th, 2006

Note: From now on I’ll post most of my photos on my Flickr photostream.

SantaCon 2003

December 26th, 2003

santa-icon.jpg Brace yourself for breathtakingly belated coverage from San Francisco SantaCon 2003. Yet another conference hits the City by the Bay.

Cheesebikini Cam

September 20th, 2003

I finally joined the 21st Century and set up a live photoblog:

Technically my phonecam belongs to its manufacturer, Nokia. But it’s mine for the semester.

(Definitions: A phonecam is a mobile phone with a camera built in. A live photoblog, also called a “moblog,” is a site where snapshots from a phonecam appear live as they’re taken in the field; the photographer can update the site using nothing but a phonecam.)

The phonecam I’m babysitting is a Nokia 3650; it can capture still photos, audio and short video segments, and it can send this content to any e-mail address. With a little messing around, you can use this to build a photoblog.

I’m working on a project for Nokia at Berkeley; we’re developing applications for these phonecams and creating metadata frameworks that we hope will make it easier for regular people to create, annotate, retrieve, share and work with photos and video. Here are details of the project.

Coverage of the Fourth Manhattan Flash Mob

July 16th, 2003
 Photo from

UPDATE: Our Senior Manhattan Correspondent David Danzig made a video of the mob. It’s a 5.5 Megabyte download; get it here. David badly needs help serving up the video. If you have a little extra bandwidth and server space and you wouldn’t mind mirroring the file, please contact David (david [at]

The fourth New York City flash mob headed to a hoity-toity fancy-pants SoHo shoe store, where participants pretended they were on a bus tour from Maryland, and acted excited yet bewildered about the whole thing.

For more great photos, visit Satan’s Laundromat and and Happy Robot. For more details about this flash mob, see David Danzig’s description. Bravo, New York.

Were you there? Post links to your coverage in the comments below.

Snapshots from the First San Francisco Flash Mob

July 16th, 2003

At least 150 flash mobbers spun in circles this evening while crossing busy Market Street in San Francisco. They spun and crossed over and over again, back and forth, until the flash mob suddenly disappeared, 10 minutes after it began.

Click for more photos.

More photos here. Post links to your coverage in the comments below!

Photos: Third Manhattan Flash Mob

July 2nd, 2003
Manhattan flash mob #3 takes over a gigantic hotel lobby. Photo from
Manhattan flash mob #3 takes over a gigantic hotel lobby. Photo from

The Manhattan flash mobs keep growing. Above are photos from the third flash mob held in New York, courtesy of (top photo) and (bottom photo). You’ll find more photos at Satan’s Laundromat.

It seems that between 200 and 500 people (reports vary) gathered along the city-block-sized railing above the lobby of the Hyatt Hotel near Grand Central Station, then at a given moment they all engaged in 15 seconds of raucous and unexplained applause, before filing out again.

Attendees were instructed to bring dollar bills too for some reason, but they weren’t used. (There were three terrorism scares reported earlier today in New York City; perhaps that’s why the dollar-bill plan was nixed.) Thanks to, to, and to our Chief Manhattan Correspondent David Danzig for early coverage.

UPDATE: Jane has more photos at

Do you have photos from the event? How about video or audio? Please link to your coverage in the comments below.

(For background information, see the first flash mob post.)
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Snapshots from the Fire Circus

June 28th, 2003

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These are snapshots from Flam Chen’s fire circus last night. It was an impressive outdoor show on a spectacular evening in San Francisco.

After the show I spent most of the night just cruising all around town with my housemate Cheu, hitting the best hillside viewpoints like a wide-eyed tourist. The whole city was out playing, because in San Francisco we rarely see a night like last night: it was clear and warm enough to wear shorts, even on top of Twin Peaks. Last night, this town was Heaven.

UPDATE: Derek Powazek took better photos of the fire circus.

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