How to Fix an Election

September 16th, 2002

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About once a month I join my fellow native Floridians in a massive group cringe as the latest piece of staggeringly shameful Sunshine State news rockets its way around the planet.

The latest election embarrassment hit me harder than most Florida fiascoes because Human Computer Interaction professionals and journalists were to blame, and I’m an HCI geek and an ex-reporter.

We didn’t learn a thing when Florida made itself the butt of barroom jokes from Stockholm to Singapore by ruining the 2000 presidential election. We made the same mistakes last week.

Let’s reflect on this for a moment, before we botch another election.
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Douglas Adams on Innovation

August 14th, 2002

“Some of the most revolutionary new ideas come from spotting something old to leave out, rather than thinking of something new to put in.”

– Douglas Adams

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