Twenty-First Century Transcontinental Love

June 18th, 2003

The First International Moblogging Love Hotel Conference:
Just remember, it’s not about the sex.

So Long Travis

June 2nd, 2003

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Wherever you are now, I know you’re not taking any shit.

The Red Elvises

May 25th, 2003

I’ve been a Red Elvises fan for a few years, but I didn’t see them live til last night, at Slim’s in San Francisco. What a show! This was the best live music and the funniest show I’ve seen in years.

The Red Elvises are a Russian/punk/surf/country band that winds the crowd up like you wouldn’t believe. The lead singer’s a young Lawrence Welk on methamphetamine. The keyboard guy’s a rabid Elton John stripped of the cheese. (If that’s possible.) They’re good guys who don’t seem stuck up at all, which is a refreshing change in San Francisco. The bartender at Slim’s displayed more attitude than the whole band put together.

If Satan has a bar mitzvah, The Red Elvises will provide the music. They play in L.A. a lot; see them if you can.

Here are a few crappy photos.

Sushi Freakshow

February 14th, 2003

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Last night I went with housemate Dav to my new favorite restaurant: a crazy, cozy, wonderful sushi joint called Country Station. It was a bizarre meal, indeed.

A strange drunk woman told Dav she was entranced by his “look.” She immediately began photographing Dav, and she continued to snap shots and compliment him for about an hour, until we paid our bill and headed out. Then she stumbled along after Dav, babbling and snapping photos on the street.

Later we headed to a bar a few blocks away, and guess who was there? His new groupie lurched over and happily began a new photo session. Then I started photographing her photographing him.

Things became interesting as the other bar patrons tried to figure out who this celebrity was. A smarmy yuppie sidled up next to me and said, “Yo bruh. Who’s your friend? Oh come on bruh, tell me his name.”

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So I said, “Come on now, leave him alone. He never goes out anymore because people harass him like this wherever he goes. Do you know what I had to go through to drag him out tonight? I promised not to answer any questions about him; if you want his name you’ll have to ask him.”

“Fine. My girlfriend will know anyway,” he said. “She knows who all the celebrities are.”

Five minutes later, just as Groupie Number One wrapped up her final photo shoot, the girlfriend showed up and began interrogating Dav.

“I know you’re someone famous, who are you? Are you David Navarro? Seriously, you are David Navarro aren’t you?”

(Incidentally, who the hell is David Navarro?)

[UPDATE: She was thinking of Dave Navarro, guitarist for Jane’s Addiction and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Thanks commenter Adam for pointing that out.]

Dav — who emphasizes now that he did not adore the attention — had to escape eventually, so I hailed a cab and we headed to one of those oddball San Francisco parties where a naked woman lies on a table, and chefs carefully cover her body with freshly prepared sushi for the guests.

Yes indeed. Last night, sushi was the magic word.

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Snapshots from Glen Canyon

February 8th, 2003

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Kai 2003

January 19th, 2003

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Meet my new housemate, Mr. Kai Jettmar.
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Snapshots from The Mission

January 17th, 2003

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More photos

July 15th, 2002

More photos here.

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