The Red Elvises

May 25th, 2003

I’ve been a Red Elvises fan for a few years, but I didn’t see them live til last night, at Slim’s in San Francisco. What a show! This was the best live music and the funniest show I’ve seen in years.

The Red Elvises are a Russian/punk/surf/country band that winds the crowd up like you wouldn’t believe. The lead singer’s a young Lawrence Welk on methamphetamine. The keyboard guy’s a rabid Elton John stripped of the cheese. (If that’s possible.) They’re good guys who don’t seem stuck up at all, which is a refreshing change in San Francisco. The bartender at Slim’s displayed more attitude than the whole band put together.

If Satan has a bar mitzvah, The Red Elvises will provide the music. They play in L.A. a lot; see them if you can.

Here are a few crappy photos.

3 Responses to “The Red Elvises”

  1. comment number 1 by: gnome-girl

    damn wish I would of known I would of definitely gone to that! I really need to keep a calendar dammit 🙂

    happy days!

  2. comment number 2 by: Jamie

    I was one of the belly-dancers! The memories of that show keep me goin’ when times are tough. Great to see some pics memorializing the event. 🙂

  3. comment number 3 by: ADAM

    how the hell does he play that bass

    its fucking huge