Schwarzenegger: This Time it’s Personal

January 13th, 2004

tuition-hike comic from -- if you're reading an rss feed, you really should check out this image.  The gist of it: Schwarzenegger's raising California grad student tuition by another 40 percent.
No joke. And this follows last year’s 30 percent tuition increase. My degree’s getting more expensive by the minute.

And its value might be shrinking. This $372 million cut faced by the University of California system, following on the heels of similar cuts each year for the past four years, has the preseident of the UC system “deeply concerned” about the quality of education that UC can provide. Many people consider Berkeley the best public university on the planet, but how long can that reputation be maintained without funding?

8 Responses to “Schwarzenegger: This Time it’s Personal”

  1. comment number 1 by: evan

    That’s excellent. That way nobody’ll be smarter than he is.

  2. comment number 2 by: Richard Feynman

    Another thing I must point out is that you cannot prove a vague theory wrong.

  3. comment number 3 by: Ram0n

    A tuition increase? Gasp! No government funding? Oh, no! You might actually have to pay UC Berkley enough money to cover the actual cost of your degree? Horrors!

    So, the governator is cutting off the feeding tough?

    So sad, and just when I started back to grad school.

    Oh, well. I paid for everything else ON MY OWN, what else is new?


    Call Mom and Dad. Quick. Send a check.

  4. comment number 4 by: sean

    Dear Mr. “Ram0n:”

    I’m about to tell you a story. It’s a little complicated but don’t be

    frightened; if you read it slowly and pay attention, you can have ice

    cream after its over.

    Here goes: In Earth’s developed nations, ALL the universities are funded

    mostly by people and institutions other than the students. Yes, it’s true

    that college students generally don’t make as much money as these other

    people and institutions — yet.

    Nobody can run a pathetic diploma mill — much less a quality university

    — based only on the students’ current income. That’s life.

    I love dogs; I’ve had dogs all my life. For a dog, -now- is everything

    and thinking about the past or the future is almost impossible. I’ve

    learned to understand dogs, so I can understand the way you feel. But let

    me teach you a new word: it’s called “investment.”

    “Investment” means putting down resources -now- in hopes of returns

    -tomorrow-. The scary part is that -now- you’re losing your resources,

    taking your money out of your pocket and you don’t even get ice cream!

    That’s terrifying, isn’t it? But listen to this — concentrate now —

    those students who consume that money for two or four years -now- will

    earn a lot more money, pay more taxes and produce more resources after

    they graduate, then they would have if they didn’t go to school. They’ll

    pay for the students that come after them, and so on.

    There! The worst is over. Good work! I know this is complicated and

    scary, but believe it or not, “investment” is one of those foundations of

    civilized society that almost every form of government depends on — yes,

    capitalism too.

    So when that wise and friendly action hero you love so much cuts school

    funding, he’s not cutting wrongful and pointless handouts to the naughty

    students who Rush Limbaugh and Sgt. Slaughter warn you about. He’s

    dramatically gouging the resources of everyone in the state, pillaging

    society’s most important investments and diverting that money to the

    pockets of his rich corporate friends (and -not- to the taxpayers as

    your favorite televangelists might claim).

    Good work! Now enjoy your ice cream.



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