San Franciscans to Reclaim the Streets

January 27th, 2004

rts-sf.gifA new Reclaim The Streets movement is underway in San Francisco. Participants hope to replace the usual glut of automobiles near the intersection of Haight and Stanyan Streets with a flood of pirate-attired, partying pedestrians on Valentine’s Day 2004 from noon until 9 pm.

The original Reclaim The Streets groups coalesced to form massive London street disruptions in the 1990s, including a 1996 event in which thousands reappopriated a 3/4 mile stretch of highway to form a giant street party.

See details of the San Francisco RTS movement, and plans for the February 14 event, at And spread the word.

(PARANOID WARNING: The RTS-SF Web site includes a mysterious sign-up form that requests your e-mail address. I’m not saying the people behind this site aren’t who they claim to be, but it’s best to assume the worst — that spammers and/or John Ashcroft are on the receiving end of that form. Use a junk e-mail account, or just don’t register.)

UPDATE 2/14/04: See phonecam shots of the event on cheesebikini cam.

5 Responses to “San Franciscans to Reclaim the Streets”

  1. comment number 1 by: sfrts

    the site asks people to register only to use the forums and upload files. if you dont want to do that, dont bother registering. the best thing to do is go to and join the sfrts tribe.

    you can download what you want without registering. needless to say, spread the word, and keep a watch on the discussion board for upcoming meeting times.

  2. comment number 2 by: apophenia

    reclaim the streets

    Cheesebikini just posted the link to Reclaim the Streets, a giant street party intended to make people think on February 14, 2003….

  3. comment number 3 by: Doc

    Didn’t see another way to contact you guys:


    On Saturday at 4PM Eastern, Howard Dean supporters will be standing on street corners holding signs, putting posters in their car windows and handing our flyters that proclaim, “I am Howard Dean’s special interest”. If you like Dean’s message of personal empowerment, print your own, head to a crowded area in town, and join us!

    Even if you aren’t sure about Dean, and only got your information about him from the TV, try stepping out of the house on Saturday and seeing for yourself what’s happening.

  4. comment number 4 by: hijklife

    I hate to do this… but there isn’t good ways to get the word out yet.

    FlashMobs are organizing in LA! Show the world we aren’t lazy. Go to for details.

  5. comment number 5 by:

    Re: Giving Back to Our Communities

    Greetings Hope :

    Wonderful idea and it has been done and yes I would luv…