mREPLAY: Mobile Phone Instant Replays

March 11th, 2005

Most of the buzz about mobile phone video strikes me as pathetic. Who wants to watch a feature-length movie on a 1-inch screen? This is yet another example of giant corporations losing touch with their customers and trying to force old media paradigms onto new media.

My classmate Patrick Riley is building an application for video on mobile phones that actually makes sense. Why not let fans view instant replays on demand as they watch a sporting event live, in the stadium?

Bravo Patrick, mREPLAY is a great idea. It uses mobile phone video to do something suited to mobile phones, something useful that other forms of video can’t do.

One Response to “mREPLAY: Mobile Phone Instant Replays”

  1. comment number 1 by: Patrick

    Many thanks for the comment, Sean. Most importantly, mReplay

    (mobile replay) works on many current mobile devices including non-3G and PDAs (list of devices here) and allows users to send replays to their friends’ mobile devices, even those with mReplay. It is also "on-demand," meaning users get to select exactly what they want replayed… a particular play, a television commercial, or anything else that is broadcasted on cable television. Even if the stadium big screen or the television broadcast does not replay a particular play, mReplay users can still get a replay.