Unkind Donuts

June 30th, 2006
Unkind Donuts

“Put the ‘D’ at the end, you get ‘Unkind Donuts,’ which I’ve had a few of in my day.”

– Merl Reagle, in Wordplay

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  1. […] Unkind Donuts, indeed. Weblogs are talking about this, I’d say it’s time for the old-school media to point it out. […]

  2. comment number 2 by: sean

    UPDATE: Honestly, this is an e-mail Merl sent me about this post:

    Subject: Re: unkind donuts
    Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 20:44:53 -0400
    From: Merl Reagle
    To: Sean Savage


    heck, your reworking of the dunkin’ donuts logo and colors is great!
    everyone who worked on “wordplay” is aware of it and we all love it.
    i’m honored that you took the time to do it!


    (Anyone could do that given 5 minutes with Photoshop so I’m surprised I was the first. But thanks Wordplayers!)