A New Yaginuma

July 5th, 2006

My dear friends Mie and Dav Yaginuma are parents as of 9:20 this morning. Tesla Rhea Yaginuma weighed in at 7 pounds. Welcome Tesla, and congratulations. You must have won the baby lottery to have these parents.


Above: Dav lactates in a demonstration of solidarity with Mie and love for Tesla. More photos: 1, 2. Details and even more photos:

Tesla is healthy and beautiful, and her Mom’s happy and recovering well. They named her after Nikola Tesla. Experts confirmed that Tesla is not, as originally feared, the reincarnation of Kenneth Lay.

Update: Patrick Roddie took much better photos.

One Response to “A New Yaginuma”

  1. comment number 1 by: Helen

    Thank you so much for sharing these. It’s nice to see a pic from the hospital since I can’t go (I’m in Colorado)!