Harmony on Ice

September 7th, 2002

This job drought is driving tech people to the ends of the Earth.

My friend Harmony applied for a four- to six-month gig with Raytheon in Antarctica. Nice work if you can get it, and if you can avoid pulling a Jack Nicholson after a few months locked up with a bunch of eccentric chemists, blasters and postal clerks. Imagine the bizarre parties down there.

There are not many businesses to patronize in the permafrost, so McMurdo workers probably accumulate a decent stack of cash. After your tour of duty, you’re free of the usual barriers to travel (that car and apartment in San Francisco, for example). And you’re that much closer to primo destinations like Patagonia and New Zealand. Now, if only they’d hire interface designers…

UPDATE 1/8/04: We no longer have to imagine bizarre Antarctica parties; we can look at them. I give you Halloween at McMurdo, thanks to Sandwichgirl.

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