In with Lighthouse, Out with Canvas

March 28th, 2007

The good news: Seattle’s Lighthouse Roasters is opening up a place in San Francisco. They make fantastic espresso drinks.

The bad news: their cafe will far away, in the Marina District.

The worse news: Canvas Gallery & Cafe is closing.

When I lived nearby, Canvas was a favorite hangout. Alas, they’ll close at the end of April.

It’s a unique space in San Francisco, big, bright and cheery, well-designed, on a busy corner across the street from Golden Gate Park. An ever-changing collection of local art covers the walls and hangs from the high ceilings. The space attracts an eclectic collection of students, artists, musicians and creative types; you can often overhear people brainstorming or collaborating on film and music projects here. They host lots of concerts and poetry readings and the monthly “Ask a Scientist” event. It’s one of those great urban spaces, a hothouse for local culture and community.

And now it will be replaced by a frigging seafood restaurant. Hey, better than a Starbuck’s.

Drop by and soak up Canvas while you still can.

2 Responses to “In with Lighthouse, Out with Canvas”

  1. comment number 1 by: Jason

    Any idea why Canvas closed?

  2. comment number 2 by: Spidra Webster

    That’s odd. I would have thought they’d succeed. I first went there for one of the Craig’s List mixers. I liked the place, but I live in the East Bay so it’s anything but conveniently located for me. Still, for people who live thereabouts and those visiting GG, I would have thought it would be a regular hangout.