Putting the ‘Ill’ in ‘Overkill’

September 24th, 2002

Noting all the recent, deadly-serious cheesebikini entries, some casual observers might imagine that I’ve grown up. They should stop making unreasonable assumptions.

Consider Exhibit A, highlights of a sophisticated e-mail debate that I undertook last week with my friend Dave Danzig:

      S: you put the ‘cyst’ in sister

      D: I put the cyst in YOUR sister.

      S: you put the penis in penicillin

      D: You put the vag in vagrant.

      S: what’s vag?
            (can you be more specific?)

      D: I meant it to be short for vagina. I was in a hurry.
            How about this:
            You put the nude in noodle?

      S: but there is no “vagina” in “vagrant.”
            you put the “vague” in “vagrant”
            you put the ‘punk’ in ‘punctual’

      D: You put the S.T.D. in custody.

      S: you put the STD in bastard.

      D: Yeah, but you don’t pronouce it “S.T.D.”, like you do with “custody”.
            Though, the S is a but of a stretch, I admit.
            You put the “ass” in “no class”.

      S: you put the “oy” in “annoy”

      D: You put the “sex” in “sextant”.

      S: you put the “acid” in “flaccid”

      D: You put the “pet her ass” in pederasty.

      S: you put the “pet-hair ass” in pederasty.
            you put the ‘petty’ in ‘pederasty’

      D: you put the “funk” in “functionality.”

I rest my case.

4 Responses to “Putting the ‘Ill’ in ‘Overkill’”

  1. comment number 1 by: Dav

    you put the whine in wino

  2. comment number 2 by: Dav

    You put the ‘ate’ and the ‘ass’ in masturbate

  3. comment number 3 by: Dav

    and Danzig put the ‘shun’ in perversion

  4. comment number 4 by: snoodle

    but who put the cunt in Scunthorpe?