Studio 360: Cognition, Electrodes, Soul

January 17th, 2003

gramophoneHuman Computer Interaction audio:
studio360-cognition.mp3 – 56 minutes, 13 Mb.
Or stream it in RealAudio from the Studio 360 site.

Here’s my favorite episode of the radio show Studio 360; it’s a fascinating exploration of the links between art, music, machines and the brain.


  • A talk with George Mason University professor Paras Kaul, who uses a brainwave interface to create art and music. She argues that all this practice using her brain interface gives her masterful control over her mental states.
  • A discussion with author and neuroradiologist Aryeh Lev Stollman. Stollman provides powerful insights into the nature of art and creativity that he has gathered from the science of the brain.
  • A compelling interview with autistic novelist Jonathan Mitchell.
  • A provile of jazz musician, composer and cognitive scientist Vijay Iyer. He finds profound musical inspiration in his studies of the brain.

    If you’re a designer or an HCI geek and you haven’t heard of WNYC’s Studio 360, you’ll probably enjoy some of their other episodes too.

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