Wi-Fi Internet Telephone

February 23rd, 2003

I want a small, cheap mobile device that:

  • notifies me when I’m within range of an open Wi-Fi (wireless Internet) signal, and:
  • allows me to call any telephone number on the planet free of charge, or nearly free of charge, whenever I’m within range of a Wi-Fi signal, via a simple numeric-keypad interface.

    (Services like PhoneFree and Net2Phone already let you make very cheap calls to worldwide telephone numbers, over the Internet using a personal computer. Now that Wi-Fi signals are becoming so widespread, a small, cheap device dedicated to this application would be extremely handy.)

  • 5 Responses to “Wi-Fi Internet Telephone”

    1. comment number 1 by: Adam Rice

      Well, this is half the battle. Sort of like a stud-finder for wi-fi. Go and get it:

      Gizmodo also points to a DIY approach:

    2. comment number 2 by: web design

      This web design is nice and clean.. very nicely done. I love the olive color too..

    3. comment number 3 by: ip address

      Interesting… my previous post is missing.

    4. comment number 4 by: sean

      What was your previous “post” about?

      Blatant advertisement-comments are promptly removed by the cheesebikini Spamkiller 3000(tm).

    5. comment number 5 by: acaldwell1958

      net 2 phone is not free anymore!!!! they havent been free in about 4 years!!!